Fakes News Left Shattered By Trump

ELDER PATRIOT – We are witnessing the last rally of the desperate and dying network of anti-American globalist propagandists that was once known as the mainstream media. 

President Trump’s takedown of these lying seditionists is so complete that there will be no coming back for them.  They will continue to exist of course.  Too much money has been invested in developing the vast network of fake news and in keeping them afloat, but they will be nothing more than an expensive mouthpiece for the ANTIFA movement.

That is appropriate considering both were and continue to be funded by the same network of organizations.

The fact is they were not created to report straight news.  They were created, much like our public schools have been funded, to indoctrinate people.

President Trump’s brave stance in challenging their collective credibility only served to confirm what Americans already knew but that no American leader before Trump came along had the courage to confront.

Here are the facts:

  • CNN’s ratings had been in the toilet for years.  MSNBC wasn’t far behind.  The NY Times and the Washington Post have experienced dwindling circulations and been forced to cut back on their operations.  Americans had turned them off and tuned them out.
  • The Drudge Report, Breitbart News, Fox News Channel, Fox Business Network, Alex Jones’ Infowars, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, all continued growing.  In some cases that growth has been exponential.
  • Small groups of citizen reporters, who had grown disgusted with the indoctrinatory crap being fed to the public by the network of fake news organs that represented the interests of the globalists, launched nascent websites that used the facts contained within the fake news narratives to construct narratives that opened Americans’ eyes – or confirmed what they already knew or suspected.  And the websites collectively gained broad reach with Americans searching for the truth.
  • As a candidate Donald Trump openly challenged the veracity of the mainstream media.  He also announced that he would drain the swamp that the fake news organizations had been so heavily subsidized to protect.  Trump told everybody who listened what he planned on doing.

In retrospect, Americans had their choice of 16 other Republican thoroughbreds but coalesced around the New York street fighter from the moment he announced his candidacy.  Significantly, the more he challenged the MSM the higher his poll numbers soared.

For these people Trump is delivering in spades.  Poll numbers tell us Trump supporters remain uncompromising in their backing of the president, they comprise the single largest group of voters, and support for Trump is growing.

Even on Trump’s legislative initiatives voters are blaming entrenched Republicans in Congress for being obstructionists by a 3 to 1 margin!  What these people see is a Congress that did nothing to prevent B. Hussein Obama’s disastrous policies over an eight-year period and that now that Congress won’t lift a finger to help President Trump make things right.

And, through it all, the deeply funded purveyors of fakes news explained why we should reject Donald Trump and continue supporting policies and candidates that were destroying their American dream.

Americans were ready for Donald Trump – no, they were craving a man like Donald Trump – and they are thanking God on this Fourth of July that they now have a courageous leader on the level of George Washington.

The globalists are awakening to the message America has sent:

All the king’s horses and all the king’s men can’t put their fake news cabal together again.