More Fake News: Trump Is Destroying Our National Monuments

Elder Patriot – The essence of a free society hinges on protecting two fundamentally basic rights – free speech and the right to own private property.  The intrusions on these basic human rights by past administrations have been the subject of much debate over the years but there can be no denying that the government has expanded its control in these areas relative to the God-given rights of “We the People.”

The Antiquities Act of 1906 was passed to protect America’s geological treasures.

The cct gives the president the power to designate areas of federal lands as monuments making it harder for farmers and businesses to conduct normal activities like grazing, logging, mining, hunting, fishing, and other land uses.

Unfortunately the act has been co-opted by environmental Marxists over the last century to seize control of land that should’ve remained in control of the states and the people.

You’ll recall Obama’s strained application of his powers in 2014 when he ordered the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to take action against cattle rancher Cliven Bundy for grazing his cattle on federal lands, something his family had done for decades.  Obama’s order led to the assassination of Bundy’s friend LaVoy Finicum who stood with him in defiance of Obama’s executive order.

The MSM barely mentioned Finicum’s murder despite the existence of a video that showed him with his hands up following an ambush on a secluded road.

The environmental Marxists hailed President Obama after Finicum’s murder.  Obama built a legacy among those environmental Marxists by using the act to seize control of so much land that the federal government now owns 47% of the land west of the Mississippi including a much higher percentage in the far west.

Earlier this week President Trump sent those environmental Marxists and their mouthpieces in the mainstream media into a meltdown when it came to light that he ordered Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke to review whether and where past administrations might have abused the intention of the act.

A representative speaking on behalf of the president said, “Public lands should be for the enjoyment of everyone, not just special interests.” He added that going forward Interior would make sure local voices are not drowned out by “large, well-funded NGOs and special interests.”

The Trump administration has been working on identifying potential sites for relief and it has been in contact with Congress about potential legislative fixes to problems that are being identified in their review that has been underway since April.

Republicans have already brought forth legislation to address the federal overreach.

The outcry from the environmental cabal has focused on two national monuments in parts of southeastern Utah and southern Nevada totaling 1.64 million acres that then lame-duck President Obama designated under the Antiquities Act despite intense opposition from locals including some American Indians living in the area.

Imagine that, a liberal politician seizing land from Indians!

At the center of the current dust up in Utah is the size of the area that Obama set aside on his way out of the White House door.

 The president of the Stewards of San Juan County, Jami Bayliss explained:

“This community would support a smaller monument.  However, the proposed monument is bigger than the State of Delaware. Any visitor here can see that this is a beautiful area that is already protected by numerous laws and by locals who love this area.”

According to the Chairman of the House Committee on Natural Resources, Rob Bishop (R-UT):

“Utah has become ground zero for politically motivated national monument designations that are excessive in size and contemptuous of peoples’ livelihoods.”

It really defies logic that people who will never visit these monuments will spend millions of dollars opposing the resizing of them while the people who live there have had little or no say in preserving their livelihoods.

It may be difficult for Obama’s sycophantic followers to wrap their heads around but President Trump is committed to reversing the past president’s abuse of the executive power that the people had trusted him with.

Bishop, who has intimate knowledge of the region, went on to say “The President has stood against prior abuses of executive power and his administration has demonstrated a commitment to work in concert with local communities to protect unique public antiquities and objects the right way.” 

The Antiquities Act stands in direct opposition to the Tenth Amendment that has been a bane for the globalist-Marxist movement.  Candidate Trump promised to return America to Americans and this is one more example of him keeping his promise.