Fake News? Five Significant Columns From Elder Patriot in 2015 and 2016

ELDER PATRIOT – By now only left-wing sycophants still believe what they see and hear in the mainstream establishment media (MSEM) is true.  That has left the MSEM reacting like a child caught doing something wrong who tries to muddy the waters by blaming every other child in the room while sticking to their story no matter how badly it falls apart.  So let’s look back at how we did here at Patriot Crier over the past year.

Obama Paid GM to Take Jobs to China

October 1, 2016

Last October I noted that, “It’s past time that Americans realize that they’ve been played the fool by establishment politicians who answer only to the global elite.”

In the article we noted how President Obama lent General Motors $50 billion from the TARP funds.  The MSEM floated the story that the money had been repaid in full but we reported that the truth is “In 2014 the U.S. government admitted to losing $11.2 billion on the deal.” 

Furthermore we reported that, GM is investing $11 billion in new manufacturing plants in…China.  That investment will create 6,000 new jobs.”

The MSEM can no longer hide the truth that Obama essentially paid for GM’s relocation to China because Donald Trump blasted GM’s relocation plans earlier today:

Screen Shot 2017-01-03 at 5.20.31 PM

Trump is pledging to protect the 6,000 union jobs that Obama wouldn’t.  It is stories like this one that have been repeated across the Midwest that explain why the Democrats lost Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, not racism. 

People have a right to vote in their own self-interest.  That is the essence of democracy.  After all, doesn’t the vote of those who rely on government assistance and who reflexively vote to continue their wretched existence rather than do something about it represent exactly that?

Just Because You ‘Choose’ Your Master Every 4 Years Does NOT Mean You Are Free …

July 30, 2015

As the establishment’s candidates were kicking off their campaigns for the presidency the MSEM began formulating narratives surrounding each one to define who best represented the working class stiffs who had been getting shellacked by establishment policies since Ronald Reagan departed the presidency in 1988.

We took a different approach.  Having grown disgusted with both political parties we examined who they were indebted to hoping to explain why nothing ever changes for the better for the little guy no matter who is elected.

What we discovered from a review of Opensecrets.org explained a lot.

Opensecrets.org reported that $2.6 billion dollars was spent influencing the political debate during the 2012 presidential race.

The top donors to Obama were all corporations or representative of corporate interests.  This was also true of money from bundlers representing foreign governments and other interest groups.

Romney had the support of the international banking interests.

We noted at that time, “Why anyone believes there exists a party for smaller government and more transparency when all historical evidence contradicts such an idea is baffling.” 

It was against this backdrop that Donald Trump rose to become president by promising to Drain the Swamp.

The Trump Phenomena Explained

July 24, 2015

By now you’ve all seen and heard endless repeats of the MSEM embarrassingly guaranteeing that Donald Trump would absolutely, positively never be elected president – guaranteed!

Well, within six weeks from Trump’s announcement that he would seek the presidency we had heard enough from Trump to write this:

“The mainstream media has been successfully discrediting candidates under the direction of their global puppet masters for so long that they cannot understand the Trump phenomenon; the more they disparage Trump the higher his approval soars. 

“Trump’s willingness to vilify both political parties and their leaders for their roles in allowing illegal immigration to continue unabated has touched a nerve with citizens who worry about their jobs and their family’s safety.  Oh, and one more thing they worry about; what is happening to their country’s sovereignty?  That last one is especially important to those who barely recognize the country they were born into and worry what the country they will leave for their children will look like after they’re gone.


“If Trump continues hitting the hot button issues that his challengers have spent their political careers avoiding or exacerbating – the burgeoning national debt that threatens our sovereignty, Obamacare that threatens the solvency of our businesses here at home, and one-sided trade treaties that threaten our workers’ jobs are but a few – it’s likely he proves to be more than a flash in the pan.  The party has ran from so many issues over the decades that Trump can roll out a new issue every two weeks and not run out of new things to talk about until the election is over.  With each new issue Trump brings forth he will be able to hoist his challengers on their own petards.”

I sit here waiting for a call from the CBS News or New York Times offering me a position as senior political editor.  It will never come of course.  As I’ve written about consistently, they are not in business for the purpose of telling the truth but rather to advance the interests of America’s oligarchs.


August 14, 2016

While our chief contention that the election was rigged has not yet been proven we correctly predicted that Donald Trump was going to defeat Hillary Clinton by sidestepping the filter of the MSEM that were reporting on polls that they had themselves rigged.

We wrote:

“Obama cited polls that can be manipulated, those conducted and compiled by the mainstream media.  These man-manipulated polls contradict analysis based solely on big data analytics that cannot be manipulated.  A discussion of big data analytics and how Trump is dominating the election appears in these two articles, Latest Voter Analysis Reveals Trump In a Landslide and Analytics Reveal Hispanics Resisting Both Political Parties Efforts to Turn Then Into The Next Racially Designated Entitlement Group.  Big data analytics has proven unassailable in its accuracy because it eliminates any chance of bias infiltrating the results and its sample size is enormous because it is based on billions of pieces of information on millions of individuals

“Obama knows all about big data analytics having been cozy with Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt since 2007 but he has deliberately avoided mentioning this highly sophisticated and more accurate predictive tool in order to feed the “Clinton is ahead in the polls” narrative.

We even explained why Trump was dominating Clinton.  The MSEM tried to make the election a fight over transgender restrooms and to paint Donald Trump as more deplorable than Hillary Clinton something precious few found believable.

“The vast majority of Americans feel the country is headed in the wrong direction as reported in recent polls that reveal that 70% of Americans do not approve of the direction the country is heading in, and almost 60% say they no longer feel at home in America   

“This just doesn’t square with the mainstream media polls that show Hillary Clinton, who is overwhelmingly viewed at corrupt, untrustworthy and dishonest, and who has called for an expansion of Obama’s failed policies, leading in the race to become our next president.”

Side note: We are confident that if Trump allows Jeff Sessions to perform a complete investigation of the electoral process as part of his promise to Drain the Swamp, Trump will be shown to have won the popular vote by at least 10-15% with an additional five states being added to his Electoral College margin.

Obama Signs Law Revoking the First Amendment – Move to Protect Corrupt Washington Insiders?

December 28, 2016

We will leave you with one of the last columns that we posted in 2016 because the eventual fallout from this story threatens to end the Constitutional protections of every American with the exception of the oligarchs who control will be in control of  determining what and what is not fake news.

The MSEM heralded the passage of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2017 as though it was nothing more than authorization for annual funding of defense of our country.  For some reason, those who rely on the sanctity of the protections guaranteed to all Americans didn’t bother reporting on Section 1287 of the law that funds a Ministry of Truth.

We opined that, Anyone who thinks this is intended to defend against foreign propaganda is naïve.  The language in the bill is sufficiently vague so as to allow the government, or perhaps corrupt government officials, to silence their critics.”

We reasoned that by asking the reader, “Why else would 460 of the 535 members of Congress pass a law that directly contravenes the First Amendment if they weren’t concerned about Donald Trump’s declaration that he intends to Drain the Swamp?  What do they have to fear that they would so brazenly violate their oath of office?”

So, here we are only six days later and the oligarchs are driving the “Russia hacked the election” and “Russia hacked our nation’s power grid” narratives with no substantive evidence to support either claim.  In fact, the flimsy arguments they relied on have been falling apart under the examination of the alternative media and their informants.

As expected the oligarchs’ minions in the MSEM are reporting and analyzing every aspect of both stories as though they’ve been proven true.

The reason?  Both the oligarchs and the MSEM are doing their best to protect our existing alliances and to continue to keep Russia isolated to preserve what they can of the new world order. 

Trump has exposed how these existing alliances have hurt average working Americans and has promised a global realignment that serves the interests of Americans before those of the elites. 

To combat Trump it appears that the oligarchs are building a case that Trump is a Russian operative.

The battle lines have been drawn and Section 1287 of the NDAA 2017 is the oligarchs rewriting the rules of the debate in order to silence Trump and the alternative media from winning future arguments.

Just as importantly Trump’s promise to Drain the Swamp threatens many former and sitting Senators and Representatives.  With the help of Section 1287 they hope to follow the lead of Bill Clinton who avoided penalties for his crimes by winning the political battle in the MSEM.

If that sounds like a long shot it is.  But it is all that many of them have left.

To all of our readers, Happy New Year.  For 2017 we promise to continue bringing you the truth when the MSEM doesn’t.