More Fake News: Contrary to MSM Reports Europeans Would Vote For Him Too!

ELDER PATRIOT – Fraser Nelson writes for the U.K.’s Telegraph.  During an interview with Fox News’ Dana Perino on Friday he leveled the same charges against Europe’s elite media that Americans expressed towards our MSM.  Nelson claimed that there’s a purposeful disconnect between the narrative and the facts that are being reported.

Nelson has noted the claims of the European Elite Media that,

“The stage is being set for a clash between progressive European values and American cold0heartedness…”

But then he drops this bomb,

“…but there are two problems with the general idea…The first is that many EU leaders are coming around to Mr. Trump’s way of thinking, and the other is that, in many areas, European popular opinion is firmly on his side.”

The fact is most Europeans share something important with the majority of Americans – they don’t hate themselves and they don’t believe the Elites’ narrative that they should be ashamed of their heritage.

Neslon contests the Pew Research Center claims that confidence in President Trump is low among the Europeans: 

“It is certainly true that a lot of European leaders are kind of traumatized by what they hear coming out of the White House. But for the public, it’s a very different opinion. There’s a lot more sympathy.

Here, Nelson points specifically to Europeans’ concerns about Muslim immigration that has reached proportions that now threaten the unique social fabric of each Europe’s country:

“… for example, take on immigration. Now, you know, the […] travel ban of the Trump administration is portrayed as one of the sort of cruelest things Trump has done to ban immigration from six Muslim-majority nations.

But when an opinion poll was taken of ten thousand Europeans, it found that a majority in so many countries — Germany, France, Austria, Greece — would actually ban all Muslim immigration regardless of what country it came from.”

Nelson also notes that a lot of the smaller European nations are especially supportive of President Trump as they seek to protect their own unique qualities and values. 

Then there are the eastern European nations that have only recently regained their freedom and are especially wary of any outside governance.

Contrary to the narrative of the far-left, the majority of people on both sides of the Atlantic believe that our national cultures and heritage is not only worth defending but that collectively Western Civilization has proven far superior to anything else we’ve seen – by a longshot.

The MSM narrative coming out of Trump’s trip gives a perfect example of the Elites’ disregard for the peoples’ right to craft the society they want to live in and to determine the policies they want to be governed by.

While the Polish people cheered the U.S. president throughout his epic speech earlier this week this headline from a leftwing news source ignored the public’s opinion and instead slammed Trump:

“Trump’s speech in Poland sounded like an alt-right manifesto.”

For these Elitists the unwashed masses cannot be trusted with democracy to chart their own futures.

According to Nelson, this is why in Europe as in the United States “There is so much more sympathy for Trump ideas than you would guess from listening to the debates among the European political elites.” 

Nelson cites the fact that the majority of Europe agrees with Trump’s resolve to turn back the march towards globalism:

“The kind of coalition that brought Donald Trump to power in America certainly can be seen all over Europe.” 

Remember, Europe was slow to warm to Winston Churchill because they considered him a vulgarian, and they’ve never much appreciated the lack of propriety of Americans in general, but they learned to revere both when their own timidity brought them to the brink of extinction.