Fake News? Conspiracy Theories? Please Answer Just One Question

ELDER PATRIOT – We’re being attacked for running fake news and offering conspiracy theories and traffic to our websites is being suppressed.  So, I have just one question I’d like answered – and you should too:

If seventeen separate and highly-respected intelligence agencies spent an entire year surveilling and otherwise investigating Donald Trump only to have to admit that he had no ties to Russia and that he didn’t collude with Russia in any way, then where is the special prosecutor going to find the evidence that President Trump’s enemies are so desperately seeking to discredit him with?

The appointment of a special counsel in this case is absurd on its face but what it even more unacceptable is the man they chose to lead it.  As F.B.I. director, Robert Mueller couldn’t find corruption in government even when it was right under his nose.  Remember, Mueller was the elite law enforcement investigative agency’s chief during the entire time Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State and her foundation was amassing billions of dollars in “donations.”

The Washington Post quoted Mueller’s deputy director, Thomas J. Pickard: “For 12 years, he kept the FBI out of politics.”  That’s a nice way of saying he turned his back on the Clintons’ corruption either through malfeasance or intentionally.

The team he has assembled to aide in the prosecution of the Trump probe supports the notion that he deliberately ignored all of the times when Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sold access to, and assets of, the United States government for the enrichment of her and her husband’s foundation.

Everyone he has selected for that team is a Clinton lawyer, donor, or sycophant.  The longer this probe goes on the more it looks like an effort is being made to build a defense for the Clintons from any future prosecutions arising from their nefarious abuses of power.

Do not doubt that there is a Deep State that manipulates the “news” for their benefit, not yours.  In 1975, Senator Frank Church  (D-Idaho), chaired what became known as the Church Committee to investigate the Deep State’s nefarious activities.  Among those clandestine operations that his committee exposed was the CIA’s role in manipulating the news that Americans read and heard:

Since that time the Deep State has used your tax dollars to grow stronger and more invasive in our lives – Alexa, surveillance cameras virtually everywhere, facial recognition software, smart TV’s, smart phones, email, text messages, etc.:

And now they are using their immense powers to shut down communication channels between members of the freedom movement.  Yesterday we learned that members of the MSM were working in concert with Barack Obama’s Department of Justice to propagandize the Bill Clinton – Loretta Lynch tarmac meeting so that you would dismiss the seriousness of it.

There is a war on for your mind!

We know you’re smarter than to believe Washington is working in the best interests of you or your children.  There’s enough evidence to convince even the most trusting among us that to the establishment elite you’re just a tool.  If those politicians cared a wit about your children they wouldn’t be saddling each baby with $400,000 in personal debt the day they enter this world. 

Consider this if you will, why is Mueller and his team limiting the scope of their investigation into Donald Trump, his family and his associates?  Wouldn’t a legitimate investigator go wherever the facts take him?

If he finds evidence that Donald Trump, or anyone on his team, violated any laws – political collusion is not against the law but selling influence is – then by all means we need to know about it.  But, we also have a similar right to know – and Mueller’s team has an obligation to tell us – everything about the Clintons role in selling missile technology and nuclear secrets to China and North Korea, fissile material to Russia, and the influence they sold to anyone willing to pay for it.

One group of specially selected government operatives chosen to protect the governments’ elites that appointed them that just don’t smell right.

I have no problem if President Trump is brought down as long as everyone associated with the Clinton crime syndicate is brought to justice as well.  If that happens – and government is returned to the people for another few decades – then Donald Trump’s presidency will have been a huge success.

Otherwise, this is a witch-hunt and your children will forever pay the price for your sins.