It’s Only Fake News Until it Becomes Real News

Elder Patriot – Back in the days of Edward R. Murrow, CBS News was considered the gold standard for integrity in reporting.  Things have evolved since then and the urgency that the Internet demands to be the first to report breaking news sometimes leads to mistakes in that reporting.

With former First Lady Barbara Bush lying close to death, every news source is preparing her obituary so that they can be the first, or among the first, to capture the traffic associated with scooping the competition.

Well sometimes the best plans go awry as this screenshot from moments ago illustrates:

Barbara Bush has not yet passed on yet her obituary was already published to CBS’ website.

This raises an interesting question.  Why will CBS get a pass on this when an up and coming site – a site that the mainstream media and the social media giants don’t see eye to eye with – get hammered for posting fake news? 

The obituary will be valid soon enough just like much of our reporting that has been exposing the corruption at the FBI, the DOJ and inside the Obama administration.

Just stay tuned.