Facebook’s Acquiescence to China’s Censorship Demands is a Portent of What’s to Expect in the United States

ELDER PATRIOT – Mark Zuckerberg’s net worth is estimated to be in excess of $50 Billion dollars.  Apparently that’s not enough money to satisfy the Chairman and CEO of Facebook.

According to the New York Times, in his effort to grow Facebook Mr. Zuckerberg “has cultivated relationships with China’s leaders, including President Xi Jinping. He has paid multiple visits to the country to meet its top Internet executives. He has made an effort to learn Mandarin.

“Inside Facebook, the work to enter China runs far deeper.”

Zuckerberg knows that to gain access for his social media network to China’s 1.1 billion people he’ll need to play by China’s rules.  That means accepting China’s Internet censorship rules.

In fact, the Times reports that The social network has quietly developed software to suppress posts from appearing in people’s news feeds in specific geographic areas, according to three current and former Facebook employees, who asked for anonymity because the tool is confidential. The feature was created to help Facebook get into China, a market where the social network has been blocked, these people said. Mr. Zuckerberg has supported and defended the effort, the people added.”

This is not a new tact for Zuckerberg or Facebook.  The Times reports that, Facebook has restricted content in other countries before, such as Pakistan, Russia and Turkey, in keeping with the typical practice of American internet companies that generally comply with government requests to block certain content after it is posted. Facebook blocked roughly 55,000 pieces of content in about 20 countries between July 2015 and December 2015, for example. But the new feature takes that a step further by preventing content from appearing in feeds in China in the first place.”

This should scare every American who still believes in the sanctity of the First Amendment and it’s importance in insuring the people are informed enough to properly govern themselves. 

Mr. Zuckerberg has already come under fire here in American from conservative websites who have seen traffic to their websites’ suppressed by Facebook’s algorithms too many times in the past.  The truth of these allegations was confirmed by anonymous sources at Facebook’s news team who confirmed to Gizmodo that, in addition to suppressing conservative news sources, the company suppresses stories about itself while artificially promoting stories about the Black Lives Matter movement.”

The reason for this should be obvious.  Facebook was doing it’s best to influence the just concluded presidential election.

If Zuckerberg succeeds in cutting a deal with China it won’t be long before the share of Facebook’s revenue coming from China dwarf’s the revenues the company is realizing in the United States.  This will give China enormous future influence over Facebook’s future content in the United States.  Considering Zuckerberg’s past history of censorship to influence political outcomes, Americans should be very concerned.

Likewise, China may be encouraged to share their multi-tiered information Firewall with a future U.S. administration similar what Hillary Clinton sought to establish through her control of the mainstream corporate media.

Known as the Great Firewall of China it’s not a physical barrier preventing people from leaving.  Rather, it is a virtual barrier preventing information harmful to the Communist Party from entering the country.

If this recalls the mainstream media’s lock-step defense of Hillary Clinton and its denigration of Donald Trump during the recent presidential campaign it should.  Without Trump’s masterful use of the Internet to give light to the truth, Hillary Clinton would be the one announcing her cabinet and announcing her plans for the first hundred days of her administration right now.

When President Obama turned over control of the Internet to a multilateral body this past October 1st the wheels were put in motion for the United Nations to gain final control of the Internet.   It is widely acknowledged that UN control would almost certainly allow tyrannical regimes at least some degree of control over Americans’ Internet use – as in China and Russia.

President Trump is already guaranteed a besieged presidency fanned by a clearly alienated and antagonist mainstream media.  If he doesn’t address Internet censorship in the urgent manner that it requires Mr. Trump will be a one-term failed president and America’s future subservience to the greater world government will be sealed.