Facebook Goes Full Conservative Censorship – Global Policy Management Head Lied to Congress

Elder Patriot – Next week Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg gets his turn in the barrel when he appears before two Congressional subcommittees whose members have grown disgusted over the broad censorship of conservative opinion and news (patriot) reporting at his company.

If Ted Cruz’s questioning of Facebook Global Policy Management Head Monika Bickert, Twitter Public Policy and Philanthropy Director Carlos Monje, and YouTube Public Policy and Government Relations Global Head Juniper Downs was any indication then Zuck is in for a couple of very tough interrogations.

Bickert: The mission of our company is to connect people. We do not look at ideology or politics.  We want people to be able to connect and to share who they are… We do not have any policy about political ideologies that affect our platform.

That wasn’t true when Ms. Bickert said it and, Facebook’s censorship of conservative news and opinion, couched as fake news coming from unreliable sources, has only intensified in the since then.  Now, one week before Zuck enters the congressional cauldron, Facebook has virtually shut the spigot off to conservative sites.

Facebook has been abusing its unique and monopolistic over the dissemination of news for some time and the Cambridge Analytica leak may be the straw that broke the camel’s back but this is about a whole lot more than one data breach, as bad as that is.

Facebook’s strategy is to make the data leak the focus of Zuckerberg’s testimony next week.  For Facebook it is preferable to issue a mea culpa over mishandled data than to lose their ability to manipulate political opinion to the satisfaction of the Chinese.

Facebook is deep into formulating credit scores based on social issues for each of its users.  That score is based on the websites you visit, the bars and shops you frequent, the products you purchase, and how artificial intelligence interprets your communications through texts, emails, and phone conversations.

Rick Falkvinge, a blogger at privateinternetaccess.com added this frightening aspect to Facebook’s credit score project that is already being practiced in China:

“But the kicker is that if any of your friends do this — publish opinions without prior permission, or report accurate but embarrassing news — your score will also deteriorate.  And this will have a direct impact on your quality of life.”

It’s no secret that Facebook, along with the other social media giants, lean hard left politically and support the one world government movement.  The more singular the world politic becomes the easier for them to operate without competition or regulation.

Facebook has a profile of every user built on every site you have ever visited, every text message and email you have exchanged, everywhere you shop and everything you buy, and every phone conversation your have.  That allows them to tailor not only advertising to you but to alter what news you see so that they can influence your voting decisions.

Giovanni Buttarelli, the European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS), criticized Facebook’s data collection practices:

“There are days when you have the impression people are treated as battery animals or experimental rats. We are treated as a farm for data. We are in within a walled garden and every single action is monitored.”

Last month, Zuckerberg turned down an invitation from European Parliament President Antonio Tajani to testify in front of lawmakers to provide assurance that EU citizens’ data were not used to “manipulate democracy.”  

Questions about that would be difficult for Zuck to answer since manipulating democracy describes exactly what Facebook has been redesigning itself to do.

Zuck will be facing an angry mob when he begins answering questions next week.  

At issue is whether Facebook is an open public forum.  Zuckerberg has been straddling that issue even while it has been engaging in political censorship and outright deceit.  How Zuckerberg answers that question will go a long ways toward defining the future look and profitability of his monopoly.

Facebook built itself into the giant it is because it welcomed – or at least it behaved as though it welcomed – everyone to express themselves as they pleased.  All the while they were compiling a massive data profile on every user.

Now that Facebook has established market dominance they have begun using that all of that personal profiling to influence the political debate with the goal of changing the outcomes of elections.  

That means Facebook abandoned being an open forum, something they clearly told Ted Cruz only a month ago they were committed to operating as and it has moved into publishing.

The result will be a smaller company with less user traffic – and profits – and vastly increased liability.  In exchange they will use all of that PI to manipulate you and become the most effective political propaganda machine ever created.  

That’s right; Zuckerberg and his COO Sheryl Sandberg are content shorting shareholders in order to curry favor with the globalist movement.  Their gambit is done with the hope of proving itself to the Chinese censors so that they will open its 1.3 billion person market to Facebook.

Facebook is also attempting to gain access to your medical records.  Despite Facebook’s claim that your data will be hidden, given their track record on what would we base our trust?  Imagine how a Chinese owned insurer operating in the United States would manage your healthcare with that level of information. Or how a bank might look at your loan application after being presented with that information?

It should be quite revealing watching Facebook’s man-child try defending himself from this many angles.