During Extended Interview With Hannity President Trump Delivers the News Obama’s Spygate Operatives Have Feared

Elder Patriot – President Trump joined Sean Hannity for an interview that lasted the better part of the hour, last night.

What the president had to say confirmed the worst fears of those of those who conspired against him as they efforted to protect the politically motivated Obama-era spying apparatus that our government had been turned into.

As the president answered Hannity’s questions he delivered what must’ve been received by the extensive network of Spygate conspirators as one nuclear bomb after another.

Sean begins by asking President Trump about a country that’s been very much in the news lately, Ukraine.

Hannity:  “Mr. President, Ukraine is offering this evidence to the United States.  Would you like the United States, with all this talk about collusion, they’re saying they colluded on behalf of Hillary Clinton’s campaign in 2016.

“Does America need to see that information, especially in light of all of the attacks against you on collusion?”

President Trump:  “Well I think we do.”

Trump then praises his Attorney General, William Barr, as the tough, straight shooting lawman this country has needed.

Barr’s resolute determination to expose the truth and hold those who conspired to stage a coup against a duly elected president would seem to be confirmed by the reaction of the mainstream propaganda media and its attacks on the new Attorney General.

Later, Hannity questions President Trump about his intentions to pursue prosecuting those who conspired against him.

Hannity: “… after the election [you] were basically saying let bygones be bygones.  Let’s not go down this road. Do you regret saying that?”


President Trump: “No, I don’t regret saying it… I said no, no.  Let’s get on with life. That was different. It was like right after the election you want to get a new page and turn over a new leaf.”


“But, now what happened is fairly shortly after that great evening, they started coming at us with the insurance policy.”


“And, then we started looking into a lot of things.  Like her deleted emails… And how she got away with it.  How her lawyer got away with it.”


“… in the meantime look at what she [Hillary Clinton] has done.  How she has destroyed the lives of people that were on our campaign.  She has destroyed their lives”

President Trump continued by pointing straight at the heart of the Democratic Party.

President Trump: “When the FBI went into the DNC, the DNC told them to get the hell out of here.”


“I want to find out what’s on that server, the DNC server.”


“This was a coup.  This was an attempted overthrow of the United States government… I think it’s far bigger than Watergate.  

Supporters of President Trump, who have stood by their president as he was savaged by the media, were rewarded for their loyalty with what the president said next.

“It’s inconceivable when it goes to Clapper, Breean, Comey, these people… I would imagine that some other people, maybe a little bit higher up also knew about it.  And maybe a lot higher up.