Exposed: Hillary and Kerry Have Used the State Department to Destroy Our Representative Government

ELDER PATRIOT – After thanking his supporters for hanging around into the early morning hours on election night Donald Trump said, Sorry to keep you waiting. Complicated business, complicated.”

In a little publicized story we have learned that a fake U.S. embassy has been operating in Ghana’s capital city for more than a decade.  It was run by an organized Ghanaian-Turkish crime syndicate that handed out visas for a payment of $6,000 each.  No one has any idea how many visas were issues, how many people used them to illegally gain entrance into the United States, or how many have overstayed their welcome.  Or, who in the federal government benefited from its existence.

Compounding the matter, the fake embassy also produced fraudulent passports and birth certificates making it possible for people coming from terror hotspots to enter our country without scrutiny.

Shockingly, the problem is far worse than the work of a single fake embassy.  Last year alone, the State Department issued 75 million tourist visas with no way of knowing how many recipients stayed illegally and simply blended into immigrant communities.

The State Department estimates the number of “visitors” overstaying the expiration of their visas at 1-2%.  Why we should believe that estimate is questionable.  They don’t know and it isn’t in their best interests to estimate that guess to be any higher.  But let’s use those numbers to determine the threat to our country’s security.

Even using State’s lower estimate that means that 750,000 aliens enter our country annually who don’t leave.  Over ten years that’s 7.5 million aliens whose intentions we have no knowledge about.  This analysis doesn’t account for the completely unknown number of aliens who enter this country illegally and remain unaccounted for except when it comes to the census that counts everyone living here including both of these immigrant groups.

Both groups are potential security threats, a burden on our schools and hospitals, disproportionately occupy our federal prisons, and they put a major burden on our social welfare programs.

But, they also distort our legislative and electoral processes.  Putting aside the question of how many cast illegal votes that are counted in liberal strongholds they impact our governing processes in other ways.  Congressional representation is apportioned according to the total number of residents including illegal immigrants.

This means that sanctuary cities and the states they are in are over-represented in Congress as well as in the Electoral College by as much as 12.5% giving Democrats 29 votes in the House of Representatives more than they would have if representation was based on citizenship alone.

Likewise, adjusting Clinton’s Electoral College total by 12.5% Trump’s landslide win grows to 335-203. 

The State Department is just one of many of our institutions of government that has been overrun by career progressive bureaucrats who are working to advance the globalist agenda by any means necessary.  In this case by turning a blind eye towards their responsibility to monitor the comings and goings of foreign visitors in order to override the Constitution’s intent.

Is there any wonder why Donald Trump is taking his time to make certain that his choice for Secretary of State understands the enormity of the need to dismantle the permanent progressive bureaucracy of the State Department if the will of the American people to Make America Great Again is to be realized? 

Trump realizes just how complicated the business of politics is and he is doing his best to navigated it as effectively as he navigated the politics of business.