Explosive: Congressional Blacks Exposed Selling Out Their Own to Protect Clinton, Obama & The Swamp They Feed In

Elder Patriot – It’s time to broach the subject that no one else is willing to.  The despicable behavior of Congresswoman Fredricka Wilson in recent days is not an isolated case of race baiting by a black elected official.

It has been going on since the day President Trump was inaugurated when Georgia congressman John Lewis led a boycott of the event.  Other elected blacks joined him. 

The new president hadn’t served a day in office, yet in a show of comity rarely seen these black leaders couldn’t extend a hand in fellowship hoping that there might be common ground to be found between them and the president. 

Clearly, they had no interest in ever working with this president.  Their Democrat masters put them in office for just this moment.

Congressional bomb thrower Sheila Jackson Lee accused Trump of being a racist because he wants NFL players to stand for the flag.  There was no exemption made by the president for white players but Lee ignored that simple fact.

Congressman Emanuel Cleaver charged the new president with being a racist following his inaugural address after Trump had admonished politicians for being “all talk and no action.”  Thanks to Cleaver we know this was directed only at blacks even though nine months later the vast majority of those “all talk not action” politicians the president was talking about have proven to be white, including every white member of the Democratic Party.

Even Senator, Cory Booker – albeit one from the Peoples Republic of New Jersey – had the temerity to call Jeff Sessions a racist when it had been Sessions who was responsible for destroying the United Klans of America while serving as Alabama’s Attorney General.  Oh, by the way, he also desegregated Alabama’s schools putting him at odds with Alabama Democrats at that time.

Then there is Maxine Waters who, like Wilson, Lewis, Lee, and Cleaver, is a caricature of the worst stereotypes of blacks in America and who has been calling for President Trump’s impeachment since before he was inaugurated.

Here’s a partial list of more black legislators who don’t come close to representing the best of Black Americans:

  • Congressman Greg Meeks who stood on the floor of the House to warn that Guam could capsize.
  • Congressman Hank Johnson echoed Meek’s concerns.
  • Congressman Charles Rangel who never encountered a law he wouldn’t ignore for his own enrichment.

This is far from a complete list but it gives you an idea of whom Democrats allow blacks to choose to represent them.

There’s a reason for this just like there’s a reason that schools in the black community are among the worst in the nation and blacks are worse off today than they were before Barack Obama was elected.  The party leaders, led by both Clintons and Obama, gain no benefit when blacks are elevated in society.

Once blacks enter the mainstream of society they tend to think for themselves making them more likely to vote on issues other than race.  And, simply put, the Democrats’ only solution to blacks on Welfare has been more blacks on Welfare.

It doesn’t matter because the dog whistle of racism that these Democratic operatives employ is still effective in scaring black Americans – never mind that the lynching and church burning of the past were all committed by Democrats.

Never mind that one of the founding principles of the Republican Party was to fight for the equality of blacks.  Never mind that they even fought a great Civil War to make that freedom a reality – a war in which 600,000 white Republicans perished so that there freedom could become a reality.

Democrats are still fighting to keep blacks on plantations only today they are urban plantations and the only difference is that blacks no longer have to work for their keep.  They just have to vote Democrat or so they have been convinced.  

Today’s generation of Democrat blacks that are elected have disgracefully failed the people they were elected to represent – disgracefully because that failure has been by design. 

So why does party leadership keep trotting out “leaders” who never improve the conditions of their constituents?  And, why did blacks regress under their first black president?

The answer is ignorant people can be easily convinced to do ignorant things.  Things like protesting against a president who has put his personal life on hold to fix the problems in Washington by draining the swamp of the corrupt politicians -of all races – that have made the lives of all Americans – including and especially black Americans – worse.

And, it is this swamp that disingenuous rabble-rousers like Maxine Waters, John Lewis, Fredricka Wilson, Sheila Jackson Lee, Emanuel Cleaver, Greg Meeks, Hank Johnson, Charlie Rangel have been handpicked to foment civil strife in moments like this.  They must lead the resistance against fixing Washington or the corrupt establishment will replace them with blacks that will.

These black “leaders” are beholden to Democrat leadership for their positions and now Obama and Hillary are calling in the chits. 

The more evidence of the scandalous sale of America’s assets, by Obama and Clinton with the assistance of selectively blind Republican leadership, to hostile foreign states has emerged, the louder the protests of these black activists.  They are literally screaming that Trump is a racist resorting to outright lies to support their claims.

Where is even the single black leader who wants to know more about crimes of Clinton and Obama?

The specious arguments assiduously distracting from this 800-pound gorilla that are advanced by these black “leaders” are as hollow as Hillary’s myriad of excuses for her electoral loss. 

But, they have one more thing in common, they are meant to foment so much hatred and contempt for Donald Trump – or any president that threatens their illegal activities and violation of the public trust – so as to protect the swamp from ever again being held to account by the American people.

Ask yourself this fundamental question, how can a caricature like Maxine Waters, who embodies every negative stereotype that blacks have worked to overcome and whose district remains among the poorest in the United States, get re-elected 12 times? 

Sorry, but it’s time to admit that these are racial activists whose only job is to protect the swamp when called on to do so.  Otherwise, in return they are allowed to grow rich in exchange for keeping their constituents ignorant and poor and full of hate.

Ask yourself who really are the racists?