Explaining Hillary’s Plummeting Support

ELDER PATRIOT – A new CNN/ORC poll was released this morning showing Donald Trump with a five-point lead over Hillary Clinton.  The mainstream media has dismissed it, attributing it to the usual “convention bounce” nominees have historically enjoyed.  There’s another more significant reason, though, and it spells doom for the Clinton campaign.

Hidden within the poll is Q4. (FV1) that tracks Mrs. Clinton’s favorability ratings dating back to 2006.  From 2006 until mid-November 2012 the former Secretary of State watched as her favorability rating soared to 69% and settled at 67% at that time.  Her favorable-unfavorable spread had soared from +5 to +39.

Then, the investigation about the terrorist attack on Benghazi that had occurred two months earlier began finding discrepancies in Mrs. Clinton’s explanations of what went wrong that night and the alternative media began reporting on her lies and obfuscations.  Soon the mainstream media was forced to join in the reporting.

Since that high point, the percentage of respondents still viewing Clinton favorably had steadily declined (plummeted?) to 39% and her favorable-unfavorable spread now stands at -16.

This is an unprecedented swing and is especially troubling to Mrs. Clinton because the favorable opinion of her had been galvanized over decades in public life.  There’s an old truth, trust once lost can never be regained.  That is because those who now view her unfavorably are akin to spurned lovers left questioning how they can ever trust her again.

This is reflected in the responses to Q11. (P11C) of the CNN/ORC poll that shows 68% of respondents now believe Mrs. Clinton is not honest and trustworthy. 

No matter how blind the eye the mainstream media has given Mrs. Clinton’s gross negligence in handling the Benghazi terrorist attack, and despite her apologists’ insipid explanations, her falling poll numbers indicate that she’s been hoisted on her own petard.

In 2008 Mrs. Clinton ran the following ad stressing her experience and readiness for the presidency in handling these situations:

But, as her handling of the Benghazi attack, and the lies she told subsequent to it, have proven to the American people, when that call came Mrs. Clinton couldn’t be trusted as she promised she could be.  Instead, the facts eventually showed how she chose to let others handle the situation and how Americans, in service to our country were abandoned by her and her minions, left to be slaughtered, including Ambassador Chris Stevens who had been requesting improvements in security from Mrs. Clinton for many months.