Expert: MSM Spurred Paddock’s Killing Spree – Cites CNN’s Bloody Hands

Elder Patriot – Dr. Michael Welner is a respected forensic psychiatrist who has examined a number of mass killers including the “Batman Killer” James Holmes.

Yesterday he appeared on Fox & Friends to discuss the psychological profile of Stephen Paddock, the Las Vegas mass murderer.

Forensic profilers are extremely accomplished experts.  Remember the case of the “Unabomber” Ted Kaczynski.  In that case an expert was able to develop an incredibly accurate sketch of the killer without ever having seen him and absent any eyewitness help.

Dr. Welner tells us that the first place to begin building an understanding of the killer is to look at his victims.  In this case Paddock had no relationship to the victims. Paddock’s victims were also people who represented Americana and guns.

This puts Paddock into a small category of killers who commit a “stranger” mass homicide.  The Dr. then lists the two categories of stranger mass homicides:

  • Persons trying to transcend notoriety to become famous like James Holmes (Dr. Welner worked the James Holmes case)
  • Persons who kill for a cause

Dr. Welner dismisses the possibility of Paddock killing for notoriety sake because that:

“… is a young man’s crime.  And this is a sixty-four year old with no dramatic mental illness, no major decline, someone who’s intact.

Then he focuses his comments on where the evidence has brought him:

“I think if we want to understand what’s behind the crime we should look at James Hodgkinson, the shooter of Congressman Scalise because that crime was intended to be a spectacle of much bigger scope.

“A spectacle is designed to either have some derivative impact or to instigate some cause discussion.”


“People who commit mass killings of folks that they don’t know have to be detached and he’s detached.  He’s many floors away, he’s killing them through a scope, they’re dehumanized.

“Here’s the big [takeway]… absolutely people who are gun enthusiasts and who are populists or nationalists in this country are dehumanized.  They’re demonized.

“I travel all over the United States and I don’t experience hatred.  I turn on the television and I see these people demonized.”

Dr. Welner then cites the CBS executive who said the concert-goers deserved what they got and added that “CNN is going to have to answer for how they demonize gun enthusiasts and how CNN actually contributes to mass shooting.  And, I believe that they do.”

According to the doctor it’s the constant drumbeat coming from the mainstream media that allowed Paddock to feel “righteously justified” in committing mass murder.

So for all of the MSM crybaby anchors that fallaciously claimed that President Trump’s calling them out for spreading outright lies could lead to their harm, you are the ones with blood on your hands.  How many more Stephen Paddocks are you prepared to trigger in pursuit of your globalist agenda?