Examination of Old Court Pleadings Contradicts Moore’s Accusers Charge

Elder Patriot – The voters of Alabama had been presented with a choice between a far-left radical who is out of step with the vast majority of the state’s residences and an extreme conservative who is more akin to their liking in the upcoming special election to replace Jeff Sessions as their U.S. senator.

The choice was a no brainer until the Washington Post smeared Roy Moore as a pedophile.  If there’s one thing that could make a God-fearing Alabaman vote for a full-term abortion supporter, who favors tax increases, increased government spending and open borders that would do the trick. 

When the Republican establishment saw the opportunity to destroy the Trump agenda-supporting Roy Moore they pounced, calling for him to step aside immediately.

It was all too orchestrated and considering the source was the Washington Post the claims needed independent corroboration.  The default position I’ve adopted with the Washington Post is that everything they print about conservatives is a lie until proven otherwise.

When Judge Moore vehemently denied the allegations, and everyone from the Governor of Alabama, to the head of the state’s Republican Party, to the women who worked in his office rallied to defend him we smelled a smear job was under way.

The most believable allegations came from Leigh Corfman who was only 14 when she said Moore made what would’ve been illegal advances towards her.  She sounded extremely credible while recounting her her story.

There was just one thing she didn’t count on, the facts as she stated them didn’t match the court records.  In fact, the contradictions were so glaring that even the Washington Post had to cite them.

First, Corfman claimed that she and Moore met at a courthouse while she and her mother were there for a custody hearing.  She says she gave Moore her phone number and that he called her at her mother’s house following the court hearing. 

Considering the hearing in question was over which parent would be given custody of her and that it was mutually agreed that it would be her father that immediately raised suspicion.  Why would she be taking calls at her mother’s house?

Corfman then remembered talking to Moore on the phone in her bedroom but her mother later said that there was no phone in her bedroom in her mother’s home.  That would only matter if she were still living with her mother, something the court had authorized changed.

Corfman also said she had met Moore “around the corner” from her mother’s house where Alcott Road and Riley Street intersect even though the court record shows she was no longer living there.  Her story gets even more confusing because that intersection is close to a mile from where her mother lived.

Then there was Corfman’s claim that her dealings with Moore set her on the course to “drinking, drugs, boyfriends, and a suicide attempt when she was 16.”

That contradicts the court’s account that the reason it had been mutually agreed upon to switch custody to her father was because she was a major disciplinary problem and her mother couldn’t handle her.  That was the reason for the court hearing in the first place.

Court records from a year after the custody switch took place show that after she moved in with her father her “disciplinary problem has improved greatly.”

It was foolish to attack a highly respected jurist like Roy Moore by recounting an altered reality.  Did the Washington swamp really think that everyone in the Alabama court system was going to allow him to be smeared for political reasons?  Or, that the people of Alabama are blind to their tactics?

Too many people have become victims of false accusations in the past.  In Roy Moore’s case there’s simply too many contradictions in Leigh Corfman’s story to destroy a man’s life and career over. 

The representations of both sides are on the table and the jury will be the voters of Alabama.