Evidence Reveals Hillary Had Journalists on Her Payroll

Elder Patriot – Documents unsealed by the court presiding over the Fusion GPS lawsuit included the company’s bank records.  Those records revealed that Fusion GPS, working for both the Clinton campaign and the DNC, also had journalists on its payroll.

Apparently Fusion GPS was a one-stop shop when it came to smearing political opponents.  First they create the story and then they run it down the hall to their waiting team of “journalists” to spread the lies.

So far Fusion GPS has only offered accounts with the names of those journalists having been redacted.

Lawyers representing the House Intelligence Committee are arguing for the release of the names of “three individual journalists…each of whom have reported on and/or been quoted in articles regarding topics related to the Committee’s investigation, some of which were published as recently as October 2017.”

According to information that has already been unsealed, lawyers for Fusion GPS are arguing that “transactions between Fusion GPS and certain journalists…are not pertinent to work related to Russia or Donald Trump.”

Uh, it doesn’t work that way.  At least it shouldn’t.  Show us the evidence and we’ll decide what is relevant.  Their argument is reminiscent of Comey giving permission to Hillary’s attorneys to determine what content in her emails was relevant and what wasn’t.

Fusion’s lawyers also argued, “records related to payments to the journalists and ‘individuals’ are protected by the First Amendment and confidentiality, and they are not pertinent.”

That’s a stretch even for Hillary.  The people have an absolute right to know whether journalists are being paid by a third party to disseminate false and incriminating information.  Isn’t that the definition of Fake News?