All Evidence Points to Obama Exercising a Little Known Executive Power to Electronically Spy on Trump

ELDER PATRIOT – Wow, talk about doublespeak!  Former Obama Press Secretary Josh Earnest’s obtuse answers to questions he was asked during an interview on ABC’s this week virtually pointed the finger at Obama as the source of the electronic surveillance and the subsequent leaks of Trump and his associates, at least those that originated from Trump Tower.

Michael Chapman writing for CNS News recaps Earnest’s disingenuous tap-dancing:

“When asked whether he could “categorically deny” that the Obama Justice Department had sought and obtained a FISA court order to wiretap the Trump presidential campaign, former Obama Press Secretary Josh Earnest would not deny it and, when pressed, said he did not know whether it had occurred. Earnest also would not say whether President Obama had been given surveillance information taken from Trump Tower in New York City.”

If we believe Director of National Intelligence James Clapper’s then he is not the source of the leak.  In fact he says there was no FISA warrant because he would positively know about it if there were one.

Chuck Todd:  “If the FBI, for instance, had a FISA court order of some sort for surveillance would that be information you would know or not know?”

Director Clapper: “Yes.”

Todd: “You would be told this if there was a FISA court order on something like this?”

Clapper: “On something like this, yes.”

So could Obama have ordered the surveillance or could he have gotten the information that he wanted in another way so that Director of National Intelligence James Clapper could be able to say that no FISA warrant had been issued with impunity? 

The answer is yes.  Listen to Judge Andrew Napolitano:

“NSA now has the ability to capture in real time the digital copies of everybody’s phone calls, everybody cell and landline, everybody’s keystroke,s mobile device and desktop, all digital information going over fiber optics into the U.S. out of the U.S. or within the U.S.

“NSA works for the president.  If the president asks for a transcribed copy of any of that they’ll give it to him, as well.  The FISA statute says in it, ‘not withstanding all the rules above and below, the president of the United States can order surveillance on any person in the United States in conjunction with a certification filed by the Attorney General.’

“So think about this, if you’re Barack Obama and you have the ability, by making a phone call, to hear what Donald Trump is saying are you going to bother on trying to get a warrant.”

If this was the tact that Obama took then this tweet from his spokesman Kevin Lewis;

would plausibly not be a lie.  Neither Obama nor Lynch would’ve ordered surveillance on a U.S. citizen, only the transcripts could, honestly be said to have been ordered by either of them.

We’re beyond allowing the Democrats to walk back their admission of some form of electronic monitoring of Team Trump while they were in Trump Tower.  Now they must be held to account.

The Deep State operatives calling for President Trump to show them his evidence or to shut up are being totally disingenuous.  The president cannot morally or legally sit in judgment of the charges he’s leveled against another party.

A Congressional investigation is the appropriate venue that provides, both the separation from each party that is required, as well as, the constitutional tools and authorization to conduct the investigation with the proper transparency.

If this happens, as much as Congress wants to avoid this potentiality, it may well wind up with Obama being the first president since Richard Nixon to be prosecuted for spying on a political opponent.