Evidence That NY Governor Accepted Bribe to Tank Weinstein Sex Abuse Case

Elder Patriot – On Thursday, far-left website Salon reported that New York’s Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo likely violated ethics laws governing the acceptance of campaign contributions:

A distinguished law firm that formerly represented disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein allegedly donated $25,000 to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s campaign six days before the governor ordered the suspension of an investigation into Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance’s handling of a 2015 sexual misconduct case against the movie mogul.

The contribution came from the New York firm Boies, Schiller & Flexner, and was dated June 20, 2018, according to a new report from Capital & Main and Sludge.

Remember the name David Boies.

Less than a week later, Cuomo instructed the New York attorney general’s office to halt its investigation into whether Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance Jr. mishandled 2015 allegations of sexual misconduct against Weinstein, according to Buzzfeed News.

But there’s more to this story than just a corrupt Democrat governor accepting a bribe.  

David Boies represented Mr. Weinstein when his contract was up for renewal in 2015. During an interview Boies acknowledged that the board and the company were aware of three or four confidential settlements with women.

Salon further reported that:

The lawyer David Boies donated $10,000 to the Manhattan District Attorney’s campaign fund in the months after Vance’s office decided not to prosecute Weinstein over sexual assault allegations, according to the International Business Times. In addition, Boies and his law firm have given Cuomo’s gubernatorial campaigns more than $245,000 since 2009, Capital & Maine and Sludge reports.

David Boies is a longtime attorney of the Clinton crime family and Weinstein was a major funder of Hillary Clinton’s campaign for the presidency.

That’s what makes Boies’ actions in 2017 in defense of Weinstein incredible but consistent with the way the Clinton’s did business.  From Wikipedia:

In 2017, Boies’ firm reportedly directed private intelligence company Black Cube to spy on alleged victims of Harvey Weinstein‘s sexual abuse and on reporters who were investigating Weinstein’s actions.[31] Over the course of a year, Weinstein had Black Cube and other agencies ““target,” or collect information on, dozens of individuals, and compile psychological profiles that sometimes focussed on their personal or sexual histories.” [32][33][34] A few days later, The New York Times announced it had “terminated its relationship” with Boies’ firm.[35]

It’s noteworthy that high-profile attorneys can curry prosecutorial, judicial, and political favor by spreading around a few hundred thousand dollars.  When legal fees can run many, many multiples of that amount, it’s perfectly understandable why they’d do it.

But, is it ethical?  The two-tiered application of the law says that it is in this case.

We’ve been asking questions for some time about the Democrats long list of sexual deviants that control NY politics.

We have asked whether sexual deviates are attracted to the Democratic Party or if the Democratic Party – that part of the party that remains under the control of Hillary Clinton – purposely recruits perverts because they could be controlled.

This raises the possibility that special counsel Robert Mueller has turned over a portion of his investigation to NY state for prosecution because President Trump’s pardon power does not extend to rulings of state courts.

Pundits have made note that as Trump moves to fulfill his promise to drain the swamp, New York’s Democrat power brokers are likely to come squarely into his administration’s crosshairs.  

But there’s more to Mueller’s decision than just that.

By empowering Democrat appointed prosecutors to publicly savage the president – with or without facts to support their allegations – Mueller has orchestrated a “he said, she said” standoff which may have wide-ranging political ramifications.

Expect Democrats to go scorched earth from here on in because frankly, they have nothing to lose.  They’re finally going to be held accountable for their sedition and treason.