Evidence: Houston’s Democrat Mayor Lie Exacerbated Harvey Carnage

Elder Patriot – Leftists have so overplayed their hand that it’s become impossible to trust them not to play politics even when it comes to protecting the people who elected them.  Now, thanks to the warning of Rebecca Reisig, there is reason to believe that Houston’s Mayor Sylvester Turner deliberately put the people who elected him at risk. 

Whether mayor Turner was motivated by politics or stupidity really doesn’t matter.

Prior to Harvey making landfall Reisig posted this warning:

Reisig contends that the Houston City Council knew Hurricane Harvey was expected to do far greater destruction than they were reporting to the public and that their pre-storm planning was designed to cause the greatest amount of pain as possible.

Despite the recommendations of Texas Governor Greg Abbott to evacuate as many people as possible in advance of Harvey hitting Houston, and President Trump’s offer of federal assistance, the mayor stood fast with over the top reasoning like this:

There was no need to order the mandatory evacuation of 6.5 million people.  Mayor Turner only needed to prioritize the most vulnerable Houstonians – those living in the lowest lying flood zones and evacuate them as time and resources permitted.  Remember Trump’s offer that the federal government was prepared to help in that endeavor. 

This wreaks of the way another Democratic mayor, Ray Nagin, of New Orleans also exacerbated the loss of life when he refused to evacuate the people who were looking to him to protect them when Hurricane Katrina hit his city. 

So Reisig posted a legitimate warning from a reliable source – that turned out to be true in every respect, 100,000 homes destroyed and more than 50” of rain – and Turner authorized the release of this statement smearing Reisig and putting his constituents at greater risk than necessary:

“Please continue to monitor mainstream news sources for updates on the weather and act accordingly…the widespread use of social media has needlessly frightened many people today.”

Really Mister Mayor, were the warning really needless

And, surprise, surprise, the mainstream media parroted back the mayor’s blatant obscuring of the truth. 

The Houston Chronicle led with this story: “Harris County officials are batting down false information making the rounds from a Sugar Land lawyer, warning people not to fall for online hysteria,”

Chaos and human hardship are the tools that today’s leftists rely on to develop and maintain their following.  They’re not above resorting to anarchy and even accept collateral deaths to achieve their Marxist goal.

The good people of Texas, who still understand that government will never be there when they need it and so they put self-reliance above all else, put the lie to claims of greed and racism.

They poured into their boats to rescue the fellow Houstonians and volunteered at shelters to comfort those displaced families in need.  They’ve donated clothing and food.  And they haven’t stopped.

This is what America always was before liberalism began pitting all of us against each other.  Thank God Texans have once again shown us the way.