More Evidence that Broward County, FL is Ground Zero For Progressive Ideology Run Amok

Elder Patriot – Aside from the corrupt electoral process that, for decades, has been tolerated because of its potential to alter the rightful outcome of national elections, Broward County, FL is also ground zero for the implementation of progressive policy.

Those policies led to the deaths of 17 innocent people following the implementation of Obama Department of Education policy ostensibly intended to end the “school-to-prison pipeline” that disproportionately ensnared minority students.

The Obama-era policy tied Broward Superintendent of Schools Robert Munie’s (an Obama sycophant,) bonus to reduced discipline stats and lower suspension rates.  These incentives ran down stream until the goal morphed into ignoring criminal behavior – assaults and property destruction along with antisocial and disrespectful behavior – rather than to intervene, punish violators because that might negatively impact their “permanent record.”

Predictably, incidents of illegal behavior increased significantly over time, permitting Cruz to remain free and to eventually conduct a reign of terror.  This despite nearly 40 police calls to his residence, multiple calls to the FBI – including one from Cruz, himself – and a social media account that told of his plans.

Because authorities were focused on saving Nikolas Cruz’s college record, more than a dozen deserving students had their dreams – including attending college – end with their lives.

Yesterday we learned there was another progressive policy in place that likely exacerbated the extent of Cruz’s murderous rampage.

Andrew Pollack, whose beautiful daughter Meadow was one of Cruz’s victims, made us aware that even the police team responding to the shooting was inadequate, a product of affirmative action.

Progressivism – the desire to ignore the evil that humankind must face.