Every Direction the Left Turns They Fracture Their Coalition Even More

ELDER PATRIOT – What the Democrats once declared was their strength is now proving to be their undoing.  The same diversity that they relied on to gain power has now become their Achilles heel as they attempt to stop President Trump from advancing his agenda.

Within hours of taking the oath of office President Trump signed an executive order repealing the worst elements of Obamacare and the “resistance” responded by threatening to organize a boycott of any restaurant that serves Republican lawmakers who are working with Trump to Make American Great Again.

The Democratic Coalition Against Trump, that is neither democratic or a coalition, tweeted,  “For fun we are working with DC restaurants & bars to ban Members of Congress who plan on repealing Obamacare #trumpleaks #theresistance.”

The group’s senior advisor Scott Dworkin couldn’t answer the simple question as to whether he was aware of how many full-time restaurant employees had been cut back to part time hours so that management could avoid the cost of compliance with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) in order to remain competitive and profitable.

Apparently facts don’t matter to Dworkin or his followers.  But, those same facts matter to the workers who understand the plight of their employers and how the law forced them into part-time employment status.

Thanks to Donald Trump leftists, who no longer have protection from left-wing Republican, are being exposed by every move they make. 

Trump has exposed the politics of division as a myth and a con game.  That is why he only speaks of us as Americans and only strives to Make America Great Again.  You cannot run a country by employing an agenda where one group benefits from the pain of another.  Trump knows the only moral agenda is one where everybody’s boat rises from the same tide.