ESPN Sows Racial Divide

Elder Patriot – Are unsubstantiated derogatory slurs against a person a form of hate speech?  This is a question that Twitter refuses to answer when the offender is black.

ESPN has also declared itself the arbiter of what constitutes hate speech.  They fired Curt Schilling for tweeting a historical fact while granting Jemele Hill a wide and libelous berth to continue spewing her hate.

Schilling’s offensive tweet:

ESPN ignored the inconvenient facts of Schilling’s tweet and fired him because he violated their code of speech: 

 “Curt’s tweet was completely unacceptable, and in no way represents our company’s perspective.”

Fair enough, it’s their company.  But their hypocrisy in ignoring Jemele Hill’s Twitter rant is stunning:

Jemele Hill continues on at ESPN.

The difference between Schilling’s tweet and Hill’s rant is one cited fact and the other was an ignorant outburst serving only to continue feeding Obama’s intentional racial division of America.

Schilling was 100% accurate in his comparison.  During World War II 25,000 Muslims were recruited, inducted, trained and armed by the Nazis to form an Islamic arm of the SS. Tens of thousands more eastern Muslims fought for Nazi Germany. Their commonality was founded in a shared desire to exterminate Jews.

When the war ended the Nazis were provided sanctuary in Islamic countries.

Meanwhile Pastor Darrell Scott revealed to Charles Payne last night that he has been working closely with President Trump to forge an economic revival for America’s black communities.

Of course hate-filled race baiters like Jemele Hill would rather not acknowledge that Obama did less for blacks than any president since Lyndon Johnson.