The End is Nigh For The Deep State

Elder Patriot – When Admiral Mike Rogers announced his retirement in early January it brought to an end the amazing story of an American patriot who bided his time as Obama’s Director of the National Security Agency (NSA) waiting (and hoping) a time would come when he would have a president who was intent on rooting out the willful selling of American assets and security intelligence to foreign entities for the personal gain of powerful individuals.

That time came when Donald J. Trump was sworn in as president of the United States.

Adm. Rogers was the patriot who traveled to Trump Tower on November 17, 2016 – ten days after Trump’s election – to inform President-elect Trump that the FBI and DOJ were monitoring all of the Trump transition team’s email and phone communications from that location.

Just two days later, on November 19th, USA Today ran this headline:

“Top Obama officials want Rogers removed as NSA chief:”

“The nation’s top defense and intelligence officials have asked President Obama to remove the director of the National Security Agency, Adm. Michael S. Rogers, according to news reports.

“Defense Secretary Ashton B. Carter and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper each are recommending the dismissal of Rogers, who has led the NSA since 2014.”

Protectors of the Obama-Clinton Deep State criminal syndicate were desperate to silence the one man with complete knowledge of their treasonous behavior. 

President Trump, who ran against the Deep State swamp that had infected every aspect of domestic and foreign policy, stood by Rogers.  And Rogers, trusted that President Trump was the man he could count on to restore American patriotism after he reviewed this video:

The criminals at the CIA, the FBI along with the DNI charged with protecting the Deep State feared what was coming and went into hyper drive to stop the patriot-president and those around him.  One of the key patriots who helped President Trump craft the plan was Adm. Rogers:

Adm. Rogers is at the head of the table as operational plans were being put in place to root out the corrupt from government.

The plan to derail Trump had been formulated by Obama’s CIA Director John Brennan who orchestrated the charge of Trump-Russia collusion out of thin air using well-established techniques of implicating people in crimes they didn’t commit.  In this case Brennan oversaw a series of “brushes” with CIA assets to create a narrative that members of Trump’s team were colluding with the Russian government.

Those chosen to be the dupes were Carter Page and George Papadopoulos.  Page, because he had previous dealings as an academic in Russia and Papadopoulos because he was an unassuming twit who was easily convinced he was more important than he was.      

Ultimately, Brennan brought forth the now infamous Steele dossier that, to this day, hasn’t been verified, with the sole intention being to bring down a duly elected president because that president represented an existential threat to Washington’s vast criminal cabal. 

Brennan insists that the “dossier” was not part of the official Intelligence Community Assessment (ICA) on Russian interference in the 2016 election.  Really?  Then what was the basis on which to spy on a presidential campaign, his transition team, and then a sitting president?  Almost two years later, we’ve seen no other evidence.

Brennan’s lie has been refuted by Adm. Rogers.  Adm. Rogers wrote a letter (classified) to Congress recounting that the “dossier” – a political hit piece paid for by the DNC and the Clinton presidential campaign, and the Obama campaign (?) – absolutely was a major factor in support of the ICA.

Obama’s DNI James Clapper, perhaps looking to cover his rear, conceded that fact during an interview on CNN.

Regardless it was Clapper who took the “unverified and salacious” dossier – Comey’s description – from Brennan and ran with it.  While Clapper contended that the ICA reflected the consensus of all 17 intelligence agencies, it didn’t.  That’s because he had limited input to just three agencies – Jim Comey’s FBI, Brennan’s CIA (duh), and Adm. Rogers’ NSA.  Every other agency with relevant expertise was ignored.  Deliberately, as it turns out.

In doing so, Clapper also ignored Intelligence Community Directive 203 that was developed under his authorization in January 2015 and that set the standards for future ICA’s.  Clapper’s intentional malfeasance included:

  • Ignoring the input of other Intel agencies with relevant knowledge.  As an example, why were the DHS and the Defense Intelligence Agency excluded from giving input?
  • The ICA never addressed the “quality and credibility of underlying sources” and was not “independent of political considerations.”  Rather, it was all about political considerations.  Clapper ignored the money laundering that took place through Perkins-Coie – a law firm used by Clinton, the DNC and Obama – to pay for the “dossier” – or the fact that it had never been verified by any U.S. Intelligence sources.
  • The ICA offers no opposing views or facts.  Perhaps, at the time that was excusable but, a year and a half later absent a shred of evidence to support the ICA, it screams criminal intent on Clapper’s part.
  • The ICA is also absent evaluation of outside reviewers as outlined in the IC Directive 203.

This has all been a Deep State operation supported, unfortunately, by Republican leadership including Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan.

Both are privy to the same classified information as House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes but both have chosen to ignore these facts:

Disgraced (and demoted) FBI agent Peter Strzok was the intermediary between Brennan and Comey, and he was one of the authors of the ICA.  The same Peter Strzok who destroyed evidence to protect Hillary Clinton from prosecution.

President Trump has withstood a storm that not many of us could.  Now it’s the patriots’ turn.  Enjoy watching the swamp drain over the next month.