End of an Error: Americans Awaken to Save Their Children

ELDER PATRIOT – It ends today.  All of the lies that Democrats told us when they claimed they love our children and that was what was motivating every piece of legislation they force-fed to the American people. 

The loving and charitable American people fell for the Democrats’ siren call until they could no longer deny the damage that the policies they had voted for had done to their children and their children’s future.

When America welcomes a new president it does so with hope for a brighter future.  That was the case with Mr. Trump’s predecessor and that is the case now.  The difference is that Barack Hussein Obama promises were based on charting a new and unknown progressive course.  Donald John Trump ran his campaign based on a promise to return America to the battle-tested and long-held values that had underpinned our country’s rise to greatness.

Americans elected Donald Trump as much for their growing disgust with what the Democrat’s progressive programs have done to these values in general and to their children’s values specifically as they did for traditional kitchen table issues that Trump made the central focus of his campaign.

It has become undeniable that our children went to sleep on the last night of Obama’s presidency in an exponentially unsafer world than the one he inherited eight years earlier.

It is undeniable that on the last night of Obama’s presidency the amount of debt that our children will inherit doubled from the irresponsibly high debt that George W. Bush left Obama when he first took office.

Our children also face a job market whose growth has failed to keep pace with the growth of our population.  While economists can argue whether that is the state of modern economies there can be no denying that Obama’s policies encouraged corporate flight from America and his importation of millions of skilled and unskilled workers that further shrunk the employment opportunities of Americans.

Obama’s executive orders and directives that guide DHS enforcement policies also opened our borders – and your neighborhoods and schools – to an unknown number of radicalized Islamists and other criminals that threaten our children’s safety beyond the everyday threats that cannot be avoided.

Black children have been especially damaged by the progressive policies of the past eight years.  They are living in increasingly dangerous inner cities and attend criminally failing schools.

But the greatest policy failing that progressivism has wrought is on the generation of young people who are incapable of dealing with fact-based truths when they hear them, an inability to tolerate opposing viewpoints that underpin the essence of a free society, a destructive reliance on others to fulfill their needs, and whose morality and faith has perhaps been irreparably destroyed.

Today, we embrace our new president and his promise to return us to the time-tested principles that made America the freest and most prosperous country the world has ever seen. 

If Americans are smart they will not let the Democrats, desperate to salvage what is left of their party and it’s progressive agenda, obstruct our return to greatness.