Elder Patriot Opinion: The 800-Point Drop in the Dow This Week Was a Heavily Coordinated Dry Run to Tank the Economy Prior to 2020 Election

Elder PAtriot – All indications are that Wednesday’s 800-point drop in the DJIA was a response to an all out media blitz over some esoteric bond market indicator that could… maybe… well it’s been present before some previous economic downturns, be an indicator of, oh no Brer Rabbit, a looming recession.

The media was aghast that yield curves had inverted meaning long-term bond rates (returns on investment) dropped below short-term rates (returns).

Global mouthpiece Reuters seized on this key indicator to build the sky is falling narrative:

A U.S. recession warning from financial markets has Donald Trump’s fingerprints all over it. A key bond market metric turned negative for the first time since 2007 on Wednesday, sending stocks tumbling. Other economic indicators in the United States and abroad are deteriorating. The common thread linking these is the president’s trade war.

Of course, that’s plain poppycock.  The U.S. economy is strong and getting stronger thanks to President Trump’s America First economic policies… lower taxes (more money in the hands of investors), lessened regulatory barriers, and his America First trade reset (tariffs).

The GDP is expanding, unemployment is nearing record lows, employment is at a record 

High, and wages are growing briskly with virtually no inflation.

Trump’s revitalization of the U.S. economy, along with his planned global trade reset, presents a challenge to multinational corporations and international bankers deemed unacceptable.  

All those overseas investments in China and the European Union, based on unbalanced trade deals, are losing their value… quickly.

That gives globalist financial barons every incentive to want Trump ousted in 2020 so that they can reinsert another puppet president who would restart the fleecing of the U.S. taxpayer.

That, my friends, is why they spent the day gaslighting investors.  Yeah, they think you’re that stupid.

WTF does it mean when long-term borrowing rates drop below the short-term rate, anyway?

It means there’s a greater demand to make long-term investment in the U.S. economy than short-term investments.  Because the demand is so high for these instruments, the borrower can offer lower returns to bond buyers.

It’s elementary supply and demand 101.

Lower long-term borrowing costs serve to minimize our debt problem… a debt problem brought on by Democrats’ profligate spending.

What does this mean?  It means that hoards of buyers for U.S. treasuries, from all over the world, are willing to earn less on their investment just to get their greedy little hands on them. 

When the world’s most sophisticated investors are literally knocking down the door to invest with you, long-term, well that isn’t indicative of an economy about to collapse.

U.S. economic fundamentals are strong – GDP, job, and wage growth remain strong.  Yet, people lining up to buy into our economy somehow means we’re heading for recession.  Uh huh.

Listen to the financial pundits on CNBC try to advance the sky is falling narrative and have it beaten down by Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross:

Try as they might to ward off President Trump’s massive de-globalization realignment, there are those who refuse to participate and are aligning their investments accordingly:

Allianz Group chief economic advisor, Mohamed El-Erian, explains that there is nothing that China and the EU can do to stop the de-globalization process.

Quantitative easing (pumping money) and currency manipulation cannot prevent global supply chains from shifting to countries aligned with President Trump’s free trade agenda.

President Trump’s economic policies have allowed the U.S. economy to flourish so greatly that any Democrat efforts to demonize him will not be successful in 2020.

That leaves one avenue open to Trump’s congressional opponents with hopes of unseating him in 2020… tank the economy.

On Thursday June 20, 2019, one day after being rebuked by the Canadian Office of Ethics, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, was the guest of Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Democrat leadership.   Corrupt leftists hosting corrupt leftists. 

Whatever could they be up to?

After the meeting, Trudeau and Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland tabled the Canadian ratification on the USMCA trade agreement.

Trump had thrown Trudeau a lifeline with the USMCA – frankly, there’s very little we need from Canada – but he rejected it.

Consider the risk Trudeau is taking by acquiescing to Pelosi’s guidance to preserve the global order.  The Canadian economy contracted by almost 70,000 jobs in July forcing unemployment to increase to 5.7%.  

To put that in perspective, that would be the equivalent of 700,000 lost jobs in an economy the size of the United States’.

What promises were made to him for him to sell out his countrymen like that with the Canadian elections quickly approaching?

You’ll have to ask Speaker Pelosi who inserted herself in negotiations that she had no rightful role in.  U.S. voters elected Donald Trump for this job, not Pelosi. Just one more example of Democrats usurping power and the media protecting them.

It’s becoming hard to ignore Pelosi’s fingerprints on Trudeau and Freeland’s boneheaded decision.  The Speaker is dead set on protecting the global construct and the continued fleecing of U.S. workers.

More proof came earlier in the week:

(CTH) On August 13th White House emissary National Security Advisor John Bolton met with Britain’s Chancellor of Exchequer Sajid Javid, and the public became aware of efforts toward a six month post Brexit U.S-U.K trade agreement that would become effective on November 1st, 2019; immediately the day after Brexit was official.

On August 14th Speaker Nancy Pelosi quickly rushed a press release saying the House would never support that interim U.S-U.K trade agreement, using cover story of worry about Ireland/Northern Ireland peace accord.  

No agreements, other than those that maintain the status quo with China and the European Union – both combined responsible for the exfiltration of three-quarters of a trillion dollars annually from the U.S. economy – will be tolerated by totalitarian Speaker Pelosi.

Pelosi is in full support of economically strengthening the Communist Chinese and the growing totalitarianism of the EU.  

And, if tanking the U.S. economy is the way to eliminate her primary rival in her efforts to support foreign governments, then so be it.

The lapdog media will support those efforts without even blinking.