With Economy Headed in the Right Direction Trump Sets His Sights on Fixing America’s Entitlement Class.

Elder Patriot – America was once marked by the industriousness of its people.  They had fled the oppressive business environments of their homelands to come to America because all they wanted was religious freedom and a chance to work and advance.  There were literally no jobs that Americans wouldn’t do – including working from dawn to dusk in the fields of their farms.

Sadly, that attitude no longer drives a large segment of our society any longer and, now that President Trump has the economy humming and unemployment at record low levels, he has turned his attention towards re-instilling that work ethic that had been conned out of them under liberal policies since the days of LBJ.

These lost souls came to be known as the entitlement class although why they are entitled to anything defies logic.  Yes, there are always good people who find themselves in need at different times in their lives and as a compassionate society we want to help them to get back on their feet.

Unfortunately, entire generations of Americans became members the entitlement class until, eventually, Obama convinced them they were actually entitled to live off of the sweat of their fellow Americans.  Their ranks continued swelling over Obama’s two terms.

Making the burden they placed on the rest of us even worse, Obama convinced them it was their right to continue demanding ever more assistance from us.

As the benefits of working diminished and the payments from entitlements grew many Americans threw their hands up and decided that making the effort of working was no longer worth it.

This is not healthy for society or for any of the individuals involved.  Those living on the dole are barely getting by and have no hopes of upwards mobility.  Their children are less likely to be successful than the children of working parents.

Government do gooders have spent taxpayers $20 trillion in debt “helping” rather than fixing the problem.

After half a century there can be no arguing that government dependency doesn’t provide a path to success, it destroys it.

Last Wednesday, President Trump’s Secretary of Agriculture, Sonny Perdue, announced the administration’s opening attempt to reverse this troubling trend when it explained its input into the farm bill now being crafted by Congress.

Perdue explained that the administration sees “work as the pathway to self-sufficiency, well-being, and economic mobility for individuals and families receiving supplemental nutrition assistance.

“It’s evident that there are able-bodied adults without dependents who are on the food stamp program, who we believe it is in their best interests, and their families’ best interests, to move into an independent lifestyle.  During the last downturn, it became a lifestyle for some people. We don’t want it to become permanent.”

In fueling the class warfare divide Obama turned these recipients against the people who were supporting them without regard for the fact that the ultimate endgame would be economic collapse.

Hopefully, the Trump administration will be as successful in reigniting that lost passion that God built into every person to want to improve their lives and those of their families, as it has been in everything else they have done so far.