Drudge Poll: Trump Winning Bigly!!!

Elder Patriot – Following each debate during the presidential campaign season Donald Trump was a consistent winner on the next morning’s Drudge Report Poll.  Polls conducted by the mainstream media showed the opposite result.  They had Hillary Clinton winning each debate by a large margin.

Those same mainstream media outlets released polls throughout the campaign that likewise claimed Hillary Clinton was a lock to win the presidency.

That is significant today because the mainstream media is telling us that polls show now-President Trump has done such a miserable job that Democrats are a lock to win the midterm elections and gain control of the House and Senate.

There’s only one problem.  It’s another con job.  Matt Drudge decided to conduct his own poll and, just like the polls he conducted following each debate, Trump is winning.  And, he’s winning big!

The following poll appeared on the Drudge Report this morning:

With more than 325,000 responses the results overwhelming support the Trump agenda.

A full two-thirds of those taking the poll showed overwhelming support for President Trump’s entire first year in office (50.73%) or for the economic boom (16.19%) that his American First agenda has produced.

Democrats who had pinned their hopes on a phony dossier to prove Russian collusion find themselves with a losing issue (4.1%) that appears about to blow up in their faces.

Are voters really going to vote to return to Obama era economic stagnation?