Draining the Swamp: Trump Tells Neocons They Have No Place in His Administration

ELDER PATRIOT – They have kept us in a state of constant war for two decades, spending U.S. taxpayers trillions of dollars into debt in the process.  And, the only thing we have to show for it is a frighteningly unstable world.  They are the architects of neocon foreign policy that are finding themselves unwelcomed in the Trump administration.

Make no doubt about it, they want “in” but Donald Trump wants no part of their advice.

They are some of the biggest names among Republican national security “experts” and they are claiming that they are persona non grata because they signed one or both of two letters denouncing Trump when he was a candidate.  Perhaps they can join John Lewis to watch the inauguration and spew invectives at the TV.

The truth is their advice isn’t wanted because as President, Trump is committed to charting a new path, one where reason and dialogue replaces force.

These national security “experts” played footsie with the political elite to turn our military into a protection racket for America’s corporate interests and the taxpayers were left massive debt as a result.

Trump has pledged to rebuild our military into such a dominant position of strength that it is never challenged.  This was the model that Ronald Reagan followed and the result was the last time our country enjoyed two full presidential terms without a serious international conflict.  Perhaps of even greater note, Reagan’s policy of “Peace Through Strength” freed more than 100 million people from Soviet oppression without a single American casualty.

Trump’s selection of Michael Flynn as his national security advisor signals his intention to return to a foreign policy based on reason and detente.  Flynn found himself persona non grata by Obama largely because he favored following Reagan’s model of peace through strength rather than continuing the carnage borne by our country’s finest young people as a result of endless wars that require endless spending.

This is the line of reasoning that Trump seeks to surround himself with, one with a proven track record of success but that won’t enrich the military-industrial complex nearly to the same degree.  Trump seeks to spend now so that we may save money and lives later.

After two decades of neocon control that have yielded one foreign policy failure after another that finds our security more threatened than before the neocons rose to power, and our economy being fed at by vulture nations, Trump is charting a new course.

Trump has begun draining the swamp and he’s started with the war hawks.  Thank God.