Don’t Mistake Their Hypocrisy: The Elites’ Arrogance is By Design

Razor wire is installed atop a security fence in preparation for next week's Presidential inauguration a week after a pro-Trump mob broke into and took over the Capitol, January 14, 2021, in Washington, DC. - The center of Washington was on lockdown Thursday as more than 20,000 armed National Guard troops were being mobilized due to security concerns ahead of the presidential inauguration of Joe Biden. (Photo by Brendan Smialowski / AFP) (Photo by BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP via Getty Images)

Lee Smith, author of “The Plot Against The President” joined Adam Townsend’s podcast for an interview where he gave his take on the abject arrogance of those who seized power on November 3-4, 2020:

It is obvious from their actions that the rules they order us to follow do not apply to them.  By now, it should be just as obvious that they have every intention of rubbing our noses in that fact at every opportunity.


The question “do the elites care if we know” is accurately answered by “they want people to know.”  The outlook that elites are hypocritical is the wrong nuance to what is visible. Their openness about their untouchable constructs is part of their purpose.

“Elitism” in its most raw and brutal display is a system of people who are beyond reproach according to their own outlook.  They must not be questioned; they are in ultimate control of society, outcomes or (fill_in_the_blank) as an extension of their self-proclaimed magnanimity.  Essentially they are projecting their position inside a club and all those not in the club are outsiders who do not get to provide input or judgement on the club rules.


Elites do not have to wear masks (Pelosi hair salon); or elites do not have to abide by group and social distance rules (Newsom at restaurant party); or elites do not have to concern themselves for carbon emissions (Kerry private airline travel); or elites do not have to worry about the justice system (Clinton emails, Comey FBI lies), etc.

This is NOT hypocrisy, this is a fundamental part of creating a classist society.

The deplatforming and cancellation of those who refuse to comply with the Elites’ approved worldview is occurring at an alarming rate and, if left unchecked now, will result in a caste system in which any future semblance of democracy will be little more than a mirage.

The armed camp that was once our nation’s capital should tell every American that those in charge full well know that what those who seized power from the unwashed masses have planned will be met with vast, and potentially violent, disapproval.

It’s urgent that we take our heads out of the sand and stop waiting for someone else to save our republic.  The usurpation of power by the Elites, as fast as it has been consolidated since January 20th, is only going to accelerate.

Once their gun grab is completed, it will be over. 


I can’t see it” just doesn’t cut it.

Bullsh!t! You can see it, you are just choosing to reconcile the irreconcilable because it is more comforting to ignore the truth of it. You are scared:


  • You are scared of being labeled
  • You are scared of being belittled
  • You are scared of being Alinsky’d.
  • You are scared of being targeted.
  • You are scared because you have never been here before.
  • You are scared of being right.


Just be honest. Avoidance has become your survival mechanism.

It’s more along the lines of “I see what’s happening, but it’s scary and complicated and confusing, and if I admit that I see it, I will become responsible in a way that I am not if I keep pretending I can’t see it or hear it or maybe I don’t understand it.”

Perhaps it’s time for 80 million Deplorables to give the Elites a large dose of Maxine Waters’ ostracism wherever and whenever their paths cross those of the Elite…