Donald Trump On Verge of Destroying the Global-Corporatist Establishment

ELDER PATRIOT – On the eve of the Republican National Convention where he will officially become the party’s presidential nominee virtually every poll shows support for the entire Democratic Party machine collapsing.

The latest Rasmussen poll released this morning shows Donald Trump leading Hillary Clinton 44-37%.  This represents Trumps biggest lead so far and caps a three-week run of improving poll numbers for him.

Contrary to the dire predictions of the #NeverTrump crowd that nominating him for president would severely damage down-ticket candidates and signal the end of the Republican Party, the complete opposite is proving true.  In the crucial swing states of Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania, Republican senate candidates Rob Portman (+7,) Marco Rubio (+13,) and Pat Toomey (+10) have commanding leads of their Democratic challengers.

Among Republicans, Trump received more votes from the rank and file than any previous candidate in history.  And, he accomplished this while 16 other challengers were attracting votes, too.

But it’s among the Democrats’ rank and file that Trump is making the most significant inroads, already enjoying greater support among Blacks and Hispanics than either McCain or Romney were able to attract.  He’s done this by redefining the political fault lines.

Trump has eschewed the traditional party conflicts and instead boldly positioned him self as waging a war against the establishments of both political parties.  With daring and resolute leadership he brashly challenged the status quo and elevated nationalism, specifically Americanism to the most important issue that voters should be considering.

Rather than focus on issues that divide us, Trump forced the debate to focus on the issues – immigration and imbalanced trade – that are destroying our economy and all of our children’s futures.  He has forced the electorate to consider how the Corporatist-Globalist movement has hurt them personally and has hurt the country more generally.

Trump has brought the political fault line between Globalists and Nationalists to the front of the national debate.  This bold move unites Americans along an ideology that benefits all American workers.  So while Hillary Clinton is running a traditional campaign dividing Americans along gender, racial and economic line, Trump’s message is resonating with voter across all of those divides.  That is why Hillary is mired in still trying to secure her base while Trump has already begun running a general election campaign.

So yesterday Hillary was stuck making a case for a $15 per hour minimum wage that would crush what’s left of America’s small businesses and drive even more large corporations to relocate their operations offshore.  Small businesses are responsible for 75% of America’s new jobs.  None of that matters, Hillary is stuck thinking and talking small to an ignorant Democrat voter base.

The result surfaced in a New York Times poll released this morning.  Trump leads Hillary by 11 points on the economy and jobs.

Hillary can’t cling to Trump’s unfavorable rating any longer.  Trump’s rating has been dropping and Hillary’s has been rising over the past two months and they’re now tied.  Hillary’s problems concerning her favorability has been exacerbated by this other revelation in the Times poll: Fully two-thirds of the respondents consider Mrs. Clinton untrustworthy.

More good news for Trump!  But, wait, it doesn’t stop there. 

Trump told us during the first debate that he had no time for political correctness and his consistent rejection of politically correct limits and willingness to engage on issues that weaker politicians refused to is beginning to reap dividends elsewhere.  President Obama’s approval rating has dropped to -7 and is on the way down.  What other candidate would’ve been confident enough to challenge the president and Mrs. Clinton on race issues as Trump has done this past week? 

Trump is heading into the convention with all of the momentum and the promise of weeklong spectacle the likes of which the Republican Party has never experienced.  By next Friday, Trump will be cruising and the race to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue will be his to lose.