Donald Trump is Living Rent Free in the Heads of Foreign Leaders

ELDER PATRIOT – European Union leaders, having failed to properly protect their citizens from a migrant invasion that is happening on their watch are biting back at Donald Trump for stating the obvious about their predicament.

French President Francois Hollande, whose denial of any role in the crisis that has brought significant terror attacks to the country he was elected to protect, is now only able to garner the support of 10% his countrymen.

Hollande told reporters that,  “It is unacceptable that there be, through a certain number of statements by the president of the United States, a pressure on what Europe must be or what it must not be.”

That might be the case if we hadn’t suffered over 400,000 casualties bailing his country’s sorry behind out of France’s last feckless decisions that resulted in World War II. 

Now with the lion’s share of NATO’s budget being picked up by the U.S., and our sworn commitment to once again rescue them from their own stupidity, Trump is well within his rights to take the leadership role that Hollande and his ilk abrogated years ago.

Hollande was not alone in asking Trump to keep his comments to himself while they turn what’s left of Europe into member states of the rising Caliphate.  Several other leaders showed themselves annoyed by the new U.S. president’s biting remarks about the viability of the EU project.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, whose approval rating is at a five-year low, tried a less contentious approach when she told reporters, “Europe has its own destiny in its hands.  The clearer we are, how we define our role in the world, the better we can maintain our trans-Atlantic relationship.”

Merkel is the face of Europe’s psychotic liberal old guard that is proving its intent to committing cultural suicide as it did previously in the first half of the last century.  Last week Merkel condemned Trump’s executive order halting the influx of refugees and blocking immigration from seven terror hotspots into the U.S.

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker told reporters that, “I do think there’s room for explanations because sometimes I have the impression that the new administration does not know the European Union in detail.”

Trump knows everything about the failures of bloated bureaucracies.  He’s dealing with one in the United States.  Ted Malloch who Trump is considering as ambassador to the European Union made it very clear, “The EU is an overly complex fairly bloated bureaucratic organization.  Its ambitions have basically overstepped its capabilities.”

Feckless liberal leadership allowed the rise of Hitler’s fascist regime by denying the obvious and as a result we were dragged into war to restore world order. 

Today, the EU is serving as its own fascist enemy by denoucing those who correctly characterize the “refugee crises” for what it really is, an Islamic invasion.  Collective suicide is their choice, dragging us into another war isn’t.

It is against this backdrop that President Trump is demanding they get their acts together.