Donald, Say it Ain’t So. Draining the Swamp Begins With Hillary

ELDER PATRIOT – Trump’s spokeswoman Kellyanne Conway told the hosts of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, “I think when the president-elect who’s also the head of your party … tells you before he’s even inaugurated he doesn’t wish to pursue these charges, it sends a very strong message, tone and content, to the members.”

Whoa, that’s not what Donald’s voters were promised. 

Those who only had a passing interest in his just concluded campaign will recall Trump rose to prominence on four promises, build the wall, repeal and replace Obamacare, put an end to unfair and unbalanced trade deals, and “DRAIN THE SWAMP!”

How in the world can you drain the swamp if you pardon the queenpin before you even start your investigation?  Excusing Hillary would be tantamount to investigating organized crime and beginning by pardoning the Family Don.  This fish stinks from the head down and Mrs. Clinton must be fully exposed, or exonerated, for her actions.

Once we know what’s there, or not there, we should start uncovering all kinds of trails that are likely to lead us to senators of both parties, congressman of both parties, lobbyists, state and local government officials (elected and appointed,) as well as various heads of federal departments and many of those people working for them (including those workers at State that covered for Mrs. Clinton, IRS employees who conducted politically motivated audits, and DOJ employees who sat idly while their department was corrupted from the top.)

Only after an investigation of this magnitude would it then be appropriate for President Trump to show compassion for Mrs. Clinton and pardon her.

But Trump must realize that if he wants to be a truly transcendent president he must first not only purge the government of as many morally bankrupt and criminal government employees as possible but he must make sure they are sufficiently shamed so as to never find employment in our country again.

It’s Trump’s choice but if he puts the kibosh on this investigation he might be a good president on economic issues for eight years.  If he makes good on draining the swamp he can become a generational president who fixes this government for the next half century.

If Trump thinks pardoning Hillary will “heal” the country he is sorely mistaken.  Ronald Reagan was one of the most amiable men ever to occupy the White House and the Left savaged him relentlessly throughout his tenure.  Even to this day they haven’t stopped.

Their leaders don’t think in terms of healing.  For them it always “about the struggle.” Trump needs to look no further than to the man he is about to succeed for proof.  Barack Obama has encouraged those protesting Trump’s election to continue their destructive behavior not to cease and desist.  Obama’s even gone so far as to say that he’s prepared to break with the comity shown by past presidents and that he’ll continue campaigning against Donald Trump.

Trump knows that his will be a besieged presidency.  He guaranteed that yesterday when he adjourned between thirty and forty of the media’s elite and personally reamed them a new one.

Trump must realize that the Left always pushes to win – even when it loses elections – because to them it is a war and they never compromise.  They fix elections, they destroy their opponents’ reputations through character assassination, and they use bribery, extortion, and threats to get what they want.  These sordid players must be jettisoned and their tactics exposed to the light of day if our government is ever again going to truly represent the people the way that our Founders intended.

Donald, this is no time to go wobbly.  America is counting on you.