DOJ Withholding Evidence From Congress

Elder Patriot – We have learned that of the 50,000 text messages between the FBI’s Deputy Assistant Director of the Counterintelligence Division Peter Strzok and attorney Lisa Page that the Department of Justice admits to having in its possession, they have turned over less than 15% of them to Congress.

The DOJ also says they’re not likely to turn over any more of them, either.

Apparently there are two sets of laws covering the production of evidence by those charged with crimes – one for the little guys and none for the political elite.

I can think of no other instances where the target of a criminal investigation was allowed to cull through and decide which evidence he or she would allow prosecutors to see.  That’s a far cry from the no-knock, guns-drawn raid conducted on Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort.

So Congress is left culling through the crumbs in the 7,000 Strzok-Page texts that the targets of their investigation allowed them to see.  The remaining 43,000 emails were withheld from Congress because they were of a personal nature, or so we were told. 

This must be a new investigatory technique being tried out by the FBI because it smacks of the way Hillary’s attorneys were allowed to determine which of her emails discussed yoga, grandkids and in which she shared wedding pictures so that they could bury the evidence in them.

But there’s more, likely many more texts that Congress may never see.

The 50,000 refer to only the Strzok-Page texts that were sent and received on FBI-issued Samsung phones.  It doesn’t include other phones that Strzok and Page regularly referred to while texting with the Samsung phones.

In those cases Strzok and Page often texted that they should switch the conversation to iMessage.  Is that evidence that they continued to talk about sensitive or illegal FBI matters on personal Apple phones to avoid detection?

The number of these messages is unknown but, for reasons that should be obvious, investigators want to know what was so sensitive about these discussions that they demanded a different, unknown channel?

And, now we come to the texts from Dec. 14, 2016 to May 17, 2017 that somehow went “missing” until they were found and are now being recovered by the FBI.  No one yet knows how many texts will be found from this period.

Does anyone else find it suspicious that these texts went missing the day after Strzok and Page referenced a secret society within the bureau?  Or, that they began being magically saved again on the day that Robert Mueller added Strzok to his “get Trump” team?

A cynical person might think that Mueller had knowledge of the “secret society” and told Strzok to erase every reference to it.  But that can’t be because we all know that Mueller is above reproach right?  I mean, James Clapper and John Brennan told us so.

Congress has so far been denied access to 43,000 text and an indeterminate number more texts between the missing-now-recovered ones and the ones that were made using different phones.  At least four “other” phones are known to have been used by Strzok and Page to communicate with each other.

Regardless of what the final number turns out to be the handling of the evidence in this case is beginning to stink worse than the deliberate destruction of evidence under the direction of the FBI (likely by Strzok under the direction of Comey) in the Clinton email case.  And, I thought that wasn’t possible.

There are two common threads in both cases – the FBI and the DOJ.  Oh, and Peter Strzok.

Those missing texts likely contain key evidence of discussions about the broad range of ongoing investigations that would either prove President Trump and members of his colluded with Russia to bias the election or that the FBI and the DOJ colluded together with the Clinton campaign, the DNC and foreign entities to destroy Donald Trump.

Given the stakes riding on the outcome of this evidence how in the effing world can the rogues at the FBI and DOJ be trusted to turn over the evidence that investigators would use to hang them with?

If Attorney General was forced to recuse himself because he met with a Russian ambassador while he was a U.S. senator then those under investigation for wrongdoing at the highest levels of the DOJ and the FBI must be forced to at least sit this one out.

Allowing them to maintain control of the evidence is tantamount to being allowed to investigate them selves.