The DOJ Has Opened Long Overdue Criminal Investigation Into Clinton Foundation Corruption

Elder Patriot – Step out from the mainstream media matrix and look around.  The sunlight will be blinding for those of you who have only been relying on the MMM for your information.

Thanks to investigative reporter Jerome Corsi, Infowars Washington Bureau Chief, we have learned that Attorney General Jeff Sessions ordered the Department of Justice to open criminal investigations against the Clinton Foundation in both Little Rock and in New York.

This was long overdue but as we have learned already, the corruption of the DOJ and the FBI under Barack Obama’s administration was extensive and intended to protect fat cat Dems who were growing rich off of Hillary Clinton’s pay-to-play schemes.

As early as April of 2013 the New York Times cited evidence of Hillary’s illicit money laundering scam when they ran this headline:

Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal 

The article provided a roadmap for anyone who cared to follow up with an investigation:

Included was a simplified graphic that pointed directly to the corruption:

No one in Obama’s Justice Department did.

The Times article came two years after they ran their original article:

After that the Times abandoned the story:

The response from Obama’s DOJ and FBI was silence worthy of the three blind mice.

Investigative reporter Peter Schweizer took up the scent.  By mid-2015 he had released a book chronicling numerous examples of Hillary’s corrupt pay-to-play scheme while she served herself as Secretary of State and she used the Clinton Foundation as her money-laundering piggy bank.

In May of 2015, the Wall Street Journal reported that, “For eight years, Bill wasn’t paid to speak in Nigeria. Once Hillary became secretary of state, he got $700,000 for a single talk.”

By November of 2016 Senator Tom Cotton who serves on the Senate Intelligence Committee had seen enough to claim that the Clinton Foundation “increasingly looks like one of the largest money-laundering and influence peddling operations in the world.” 

Then in July of 2017 it was revealed that an Iranian foundation that had been convicted as a front organization for the theocratic regime in Tehran had donated five-figure sums to the infamous Clinton Foundation.

Remember these revelations came after the meteoric growth of the Clinton Foundation following the so-called “relief” effort after the earthquake in Haiti that saw massive sums of donations filtered through the distressed island nation and then back to the Clintons and their associates.

Obama’s DOJ sat on their hands as one by one these revelations of wrongdoing came to light.  Now they want us to believe that a drunken boast by a 28-year old campaign stringer in a London bar is the reason behind the illegal surveillance of the Trump campaign.

That dog don’t hunt.  However, when Sessions’ investigation is concluded we are likely to find Obama’s fingerprints all over corruption at the Clinton Foundation.  That is because, as former federal prosecutor Andrew C. McCarthy has so adroitly pointed outHillary couldn’t be proven guilty without proving the president guilty as well.”

The Dems brought all of this on themselves.  The facts that not a single one broke ranks and instead Hillary and her Foundation’s dark secrets shows just how complete her corruption of the entire party was.

Finally, there is hope the swamp is going to be drained.