Dobbs’ Interview With DiGenova and Toensing: 6:11 Of Hope For Americans

Elder Patriot – Last night Victoria Toensing and Joe DiGenova joined Lou Dobbs to shed new light on the earlier revelations from Bruce Ohr’s testimony and what they expect from the next attorney general, William Barr.

To refresh your memory, Ohr testified that he warned both senior FBI and DOJ officials that the Steele Dossier was opposition research funded by Hillary Clinton’s campaign before they used the Dossier as the centerpiece evidence for a FISA warrant.

Dobbs, Toensing, and DiGenova supply six minutes of renewed hope well worth listening to.  This might even put some pep back in your step if you’re a supporter of President Trump who has grown disgusted watching our man take flak from almost every angle.

While most Trump supporters were excited by the release of Ohr’s testimony that implicated a number of high-ranking DOJ and FBI officials, Toensing, who worked at the DOJ, gave his testimony a more revealing perspective:

“He looked only slightly better because I think he’s protecting Sally Yates.  He was Sally Yates’ deputy and yet he claims he never said this to Sally Yates.”


“I was Deputy Assistant General (same level as Ohr prior to demotion).  I did not brief section chiefs and line attorneys.

“They are not senior Justice Department officials.  Those kinds of people briefed me. Why is Ohr briefing people lower on the totem pole?

“Here’s what else is wrong.  He’s briefing Andrew Weissman.  Andrew Weissman was the head of the Fraud Section.  I supervised the Fraud Section. It has nothing to do with FISA applications.  What was he doing there?

“This was out of his (Weissman’s) portfolio.  Unless the purpose was to inform the partisan Clinton loyalist for other purposes like preparing her defense.

Lou then expressed his frustration – and our frustration – “There’s no prosecutions, there’s nothing happening here.”

Then DiGenova lit a bright candle for Trump supporters:

“Well, I think that’s all going to change when Bill Barr becomes the attorney general.  

“I expect him to authorize grand juries into all of this, if they’re not already being conducted and to make them robust if they are not robust now.

“And to replace people who are not doing their jobs, including Mr. Huber.’

When his well-earned skepticism leads Dobbs to ask DiGenova why he is so confident that President Trump’s nominee will cleanup the “quagmire of corruption” at the FBI and DOJ, both he and his wife (Toensing) jump in to extol Barr’s integrity.

Drawing on his personal interactions with Barr, DiGenova offer these comments:

“He knows that the senior people of the Obama DOJ and FBI have destroyed an institution for two reasons, to protect Hillary Clinton and to destroy Donald Trump and to destroy his presidency.

“This is in fact the greatest political scandal in the history of our country and I expect Bill Barr to do what he has always done.

“He will enforce the law equally.

“But, he will also ensure that the DOJ and the FBI are rooted out of people who have subverted the rule of law.”

Then Toensing, who also worked alongside William Barr at a time when the DOJ upheld its reputation for integrity, offered her reasons for trusting the soon-to-be confirmed A.G.:

“Let me tell you what else Bill has.  He has a love of the law.”