DJT Redefines the Political Divide – Party Elites Being Separated From Their Base

ELDER PATRIOT – The most amazing post-election poll was made public yesterday.  Bloomberg news reports that Donald Trump’s approval rating has soared 17 points since August of this year.  Just as significant is the 20-point drop in those who disapprove of him over the same period.  And, Trump hasn’t taken office yet.

That didn’t stop Democratic Party elites from promoting next-in-line Chuck Schumer to head their efforts in the Senate and to return Nancy Pelosi to be their minority leader in the House.

Mrs. Pelosi spoke for the establishment Washington Democrats after her re-election when she said the “people” don’t want change.  But, it’s clear that the people – the real outside-the-Beltway people – do want change.  Again, proof comes from the Bloomberg poll that found regular Americans are more optimistic than they are less optimistic by 20 points over the past month.

Further proof comes from the Democratic Party’s own rank and file that are now embracing the principles of Federalism that was once solely the domain of conservatives.

Evidence of this split from the liberal orthodoxy of party leadership comes from Mark Weston, who used his column in Time to tell the sixty-five million people who voted for Hillary Clinton to stop paying their taxes. 

Couple this with Democrats who are now extolling the Tenth Amendment by declaring that the federal government should stay out of their local and state politics because local policy wants should trump heavy-handed nation decrees and we see that a serious ideological divide now separates leadership from their base.

Trump’s ascendancy has likewise created major fissures between the Republican base and their disingenuous leadership.

Paul Ryan dispatched Andrew McCarthy to espouse the Speaker of House’s “Better Way” agenda earlier this week.  This is evidence that Ryan plans on opposing President-elect Trump on immigration and the national security that comes with increased border protection. 

Is Ryan really going to oppose Trump’s signature issue on which he won the election?  As Ann Coulter pointed out in her most recent column, There’s a reason millions of Americans were showing up at Trump’s rallies chanting, “Build the Wall!” and not, “End Obamacare!” “Cut taxes!” “Save the Second Amendment!” — or any other slogan that could have been chanted just as easily at a Jeb! Rally.”

Ryan is clinging to a position that invites political suicide for the simple reason that Trump doesn’t require any new legislation to enforce his tough immigration agenda.  Trump’s appointment of Jeff Sessions to head the Department of Justice shows he is well aware of current immigration law.

It is already the president’s job, as commander in chief, to protect the borders.

It is already the Department of Defense’s job to build border walls.

It’s already the law that citizenship is not acquired by being born on U.S. soil to an illegal alien. (No Congress has ever passed such a law, nor has the Supreme Court ruled that they are.)

It is already the secretary of state’s duty to rescind visas from countries that refuse to take their criminals back.

It is already the president’s job to prohibit the entry of any class of immigrants he deems “detrimental to the interests of the United States.”

It is already the president’s job to remove immigrants who commit crimes, entered our country through fraud (i.e., every single refugee), are in the country illegally or who become public charges.

As Coulter alleges, “None of those things have ever been done before for one reason: The entire Washington establishment is unalterably opposed to enforcing our immigration laws.”

“Manifestly, if anyone in Washington seriously wanted to build a wall, deport illegals, return criminal aliens to their own countries, end the anchor baby scam and prevent jihadists from immigrating here to kill Americans, it would have been done already,” Coulter wrote.

Trump’s immigration agenda hinges on the approval of Jeff Sessions, or someone like him, by the Senate.  Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has the votes to make this happen if he chooses to do so.

If McConnell caves to Chuck Schumer who has vowed to oppose Sessions, then we’ll have our proof that Republican elites have decided to go to war with their own base over tougher a immigration policy.

If Sessions is approved then Ryan’s only path forward for his Better Way on immigration will be through legislation.  That, of course, would expose Ryan for the double speaking fraud that he is.

If Trump deserves credit for nothing else, he deserves our undying appreciation for shattering the Left-Right paradigm that Washington’s elites have used to divide our nation for their own political expediency.