DJT: Recent Revelations Undercut Basis For Special Counsel

Elder Patriot – President Donald Trump took to twitter to communicate without the filter and derogatory commentary that the mainstream media always frame his messages with:

While Trump has been the ultimate beneficiary of the Comey-Mueller investigation because it has proven he is innocent of any official wrongdoing the president makes a valid point. 

In America we don’t do investigations of innocent people.  That’s how Joseph Stalin operated through his minion Lavrentiy Beria. Beria was Marshal of the Soviet Union and state security administrator and chief of the Soviet security and secret police apparatus under Joseph Stalin during World War II.  He was promoted to deputy premier under the iron-fisted Stalin. Beria infamously bragged: “Show me the man and I’ll find you the crime.”

America has always operated on the predicate that, at minimum, serious evidence is needed before American citizens are subject to criminal investigation.  But Obama wasn’t your standard president.  And his appointees running the DOJ and FBI had more in common with Lavrentiy Beria than anyone wants to acknowledge.

But, Trump does raise an interesting idea now that we’re so far down this road.  Why not subject the candidates for high office to the same scrutiny that President Trump has survived? 

Since the mainstream media long ago abdicated vetting Democrat candidates wouldn’t we have all been better off if these investigations were left to professionals and had been concluded prior to the election?

Obama could’ve been removed from consideration before he became a threat to our Republic and Trump could’ve hit the ground running immediately upon taking office rather than having his agenda throttled under the cloud that was improperly placed over him.

Trump’s comments came after news broke that the Justice Department inspector general had begun investigating whether Comey leaked classified information by giving a friend memos of his conversations with the president.