Disturbing Revelations About Ilhan Omar: Still More Evidence Surfaces of Her Blatant Disregard for the Law

Elder Patriot| Ilhan Omar’s posted this tweet last night. 

It stands on its own merits:

Omar fails to explain how President Trump’s economic agenda that has led to record low levels of unemployment for black and brown people is proof of his racism.  In fact, nearly half of all the new jobs created since Trump’s election have been filled by blacks and Hispanics.

Here’s more proof of his race-based hatred:

And what about this:

This kinda goes against Omar’s assertion that that this racist president wants every black/brown person deported.”

Sorry Omar, President Trump has no problem with black or brown people.  Or, yellow or purple people. He has problems with people who break our laws – laws that were written well before he (or you) arrived in Washington.

While you’ve shown a complete disregard for those laws, both personally and as a person given a political platform, you’re attempt to conflate all people of color with people who broke our immigration laws.

Do you think all black and brown people are guilty of breaking the law?  If you do that makes it clear that you’re the racist and not President Trump.

If Trump were a racist then Isaiah Washington must be an Uncle Tom.  

Actor Isaiah Washington tweeted his thanks for President Trump’s support of the First Step Act while also criticizing former President Obama for a lack of action regarding “the Black Agenda.”

It’s an indisputable fact immigration costs U.S. taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars.  You have never explained why it’s our obligation to pay for their efforts to illegally enter our country.  Or, why it makes us racists for not wanting to foot the bill for them.

Your clearer-thinking Democrat colleagues are on to you divisive rhetoric.

Omar donated $2,000 to McCready’s campaign on November 6, 2018.  Campaign finance records show that McCready returned the money on March 30th.

“Dan feels strongly that there is no place for divisiveness in our politics. Our campaign is focused on bringing people together. As such, Dan felt it was appropriate to return the donation from then-candidate Omar,” McCready campaign spokesman Aaron Simpson said in a statement to The Hill.

Admit it, you’re using the issue of illegal immigration to paint the president as a racist.  That’s disgraceful. But then very few in your party, or the media that defends the parasites in your party, are any different.