Ding-Dong The Wicked Witch is Dead

ELDER PATRIOT – The palace coup is underway. 

In the aftermath of the Dems’ stunning defeat on Tuesday, Democratic House members are running scared and have begun calling for Minority Leader Pelosi’s ouster.

They see what we see, only they see it more acutely because it is their ox’s that are going to be gored if they continue following Pelosi and Schumer over the cliff.

The thirty million dollars spent in a losing effort in Georgia 6 earlier this week has sent magnitude 8.0 tremors through Pelosi’s flock who are up for re-election in 2018.  Coupled with the party’s dwindling fundraising in the first quarter of 2017, Congressional Dems are awakening to the fact that they won’t have one tenth of that amount for their re-election efforts.

They also know that if they don’t start joining the debate they’ll have no legislative successes to run on, much like Jon Ossoff lacked. 

Pelosi rose to power at a time when the MSM controlled the political narrative.  However, she overplayed her Socialist hand when she muscled through the Obamacare debacle in 2009-10.

That gave rise to the Tea Party at a time when the Internet was exploding with conservative news sites.

The Democrats’ support has been crumbling ever since. 

Like an inveterate gambler Pelosi went all-in trying to win the Georgia 6 special election and she now finds herself bankrupt.  What follows is predictable – her friends are deserting her.

The wicked witch is dead and America is far better off for it.

For a guy who is a political neophyte, President Trump is doing a lot of winning for America.