Dick Morris: “How Dems Stole Seven House Seats in California”

When it comes to elections California Democrats have perfected the art of the steal.  

The strategy dates back to 2016 when Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill into law that allows anyone to drop off another person’s, or persons’ ballots… after election day.  Those would be ballots that are mailed to every voter prior to the election whether they request one or not.

This opened the door for a process called ballot harvesting where a political party can target voters registered to their party who hadn’t submitted ballots by the close of election day armed with the knowledge of just how many ballots would be needed to change the results of any particular election.

There’s nothing to prevent these partisan ballot collectors from filling in the ballots themselves, either.

Former Clinton political director, Dick Morris explained how this process was used to steal seven House seats in California, in an exclusive opinion piece in the Western Journal.  We have republished some of the piece below, you can see the full piece by following the link at the end of the excerpt.  Keep in mind, these are Dick Morris’ words not ours, we are just reporting and what the man wrote.

On election night, the Republican Party lost 26 seats in the House, a serious erosion but not a catastrophic one.

But two weeks later, seven races that had been called for Republicans switched and the Democrats were certified to have won. All seven were in California and no seats moved the other way — from blue to red.

The state’s Democrats engineered a massive piece of legal fraud to jimmy the results.

Here’s how they did it:

California sends ballots to every voter before Election Day, whether they request it or not. All the voter needs to do is to fill in his choices and mail the form back.

But, if the mail ballot is not received by Election Day, it can still be counted if a sealed, completed ballot is dropped off with elections officials by hand — and the voter does not have to come to drop off their ballots in person.

This year, a record 250,000 people voted by having someone else turn in their vote-by-mail ballots.

Were the voters bribed to vote at their door (“Here’s a pack of cigarettes”)? Or were the canvassers paid more for each vote they harvested (also illegal)?


So what the Democrats did was they looked at the Election Day returns and then targeted those districts they lost but where the margin was close enough that victory might be snatched from the jaws of defeat by a little ballot harvesting.

They flipped seven seats and now the California delegation to Congress is largely devoid of Republicans.

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