Devin Nunes Takes it to the Courts – Adds CNN to Previous Lawsuits in Attempt to Dismantle Democrat/Marxist Media Alliance – Sues CNN for $435 Million for Fake News

U.S. Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) is a throwback.  He’s a man who searches for the truth and then stands steadfastly in its defense, no matter the personal cost.  

That he happens to be a Republican isn’t so much a product of his political beliefs as it is that there’s no longer room for truth in the other major party.

We have reached the point in American history where the normal frictions between the different branches of government have become less important than those who tell the truth and those who don’t.

We have reached the point in our history where one party has turned the practice of politicians using their connections to benefit a small group who surround them into the wholesale ransacking of our treasury by selling every lever of government to the highest bidder.

We are at the point where our government is divided into two camps – criminals versus patriots.  Party designations are a vestige of a time long passed but they remain a convenient cover for what has become a Uniparty intent on enriching itself.

The media has purposefully and dutifully worked to blur those differences.

Nunes realizes that the greatest challenge America faces if they hope to restore the government the Framers created, is overcoming the Marxist/Democrat alliance.  

As he did in early 2017 when he alerted President Trump that he should review the Presidential Daily Briefings (PDB) to find evidence of the plot against him, Nunes has taken the lead in defending both the truth and our Republic.

For being a patriot, Nunes has become a target of Marxist/Democrat media smears, a strategy straight out of the left wing playbook.  When the truth is inconvenient discredit those who insist on telling it. Or, silence them. Or both.

Realizing that Democrats have been able to count on their media allies to poison the political process to the point of anarchy, Nunes is fighting back against Twitter, McClatchy, and now CNN by taking them to court.  

According to multiple sources, Nunes is also planning to bring suit against the Daily Beast.

The amount of compensation he is asking for in just these three suits is a staggering $835,000,000 dollars.  

On the other hand, patriots and taxpayers should view this amount as chump change in comparison to the $23T in debt these propaganda outlets helped justify in the deliberate misfeasance and maladministration of government. 

The Marxist media’s defense of the Clinton’s, Obama, et al, while they raked in hundreds of millions of dollars, either in direct payments to their campaigns, their foundations, or in future IOU’s, has been unconscionable.  

Los Alamos, Uranium One, Skolkovo, China, and only God knows where else they feasted at our expense, the so-called mainstream media has deliberately failed the mainstream of our American people by defending the corruption of their Marxist partners.

We cheer Devin Nunes for bringing these actions.  Win or lose, the spewing of propaganda in defense of the globalist left-wing agenda by the mainstream media should be given a public airing.

That is what is really important.