“Despicable Garbage”: ABC’s Moran Jokes About President Trump’s Funeral During Bush Funeral Coverage

Elder Patriot – You’ve got to hear ABC News’ Chief Foreign Correspondent, Terry Moran, to believe how low he sank during his comments on the funeral service for America’s forty-first president, George Herbert Walker Bush:

Moran’s comments came towards the end of the funeral procession as the ABC News team were discussing Bush’s legacy and personality. While going on about how President Bush had arranged his funeral ahead of his death, Moran chose to jokingly contrast (mock?) how different he expected current president Donald Trump’s funeral to be.

Here’s the transcript of the exchange between Moran, two unidentified reporters and Devin Dwyer:

DWYER: And perhaps a recognition in terms of his involvement in the proceedings, by President Trump, that he someday will be getting a similar treatment, when he passes, then as a former President of the United States–

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER#1: Probably a different tone.


MORAN: First, he’s going to choreograph it. So, there may be more trumpets and fanfare. …

DWYER: Maybe he’s taking it cues. Yes he will do it bigger, one would imagine.

MORAN: It will be the best presidential funeral ever. No one will ever have seen anything like that funeral.

Dan Gainor, vice president of the Media Research Center, was critical of ABC’s reporting noting that Bush’s death “has to be seen through the eyes of journalists who use every single event to attack Trump.

“To mock him during the coverage of the president’s funeral is just despicable garbage. I would say ABC News should apologize, but it wouldn’t be sincere if it did. This is about the billionth example of unprofessional journalism in their attacks on Trump. It’s only more outrageous because of the solemn occasion.”

Political comedian Tim Young rightly pointed out that the public reaction would be much different if the ABC News reporters joked about Obama’s potential future funeral:

“There would have been full blocks of TV dedicated to ‘how disgusting they were’ on CNN and forced apologies from their own network.”.