Desperate Democrats Ramp Up Attacks on Trump as John Durham Expands Investigative Team

Yesterday, House Democrats created a Coronavirus investigation committee.  This marks their fourth attempt to remove President Trump from office through the use of political subterfuge.

 The fact that presidential candidate Joe Biden’s official political handler and control officer, South Carolina Democrat Rep. Jim Clyburn will be leading that committee, should be evidence enough that Democrats are growing more desperate with each passing day. 

Representative Jim Jordan explained the significance of this move to Fox Business’ Lou Dobbs.  Jordan points out that there are already eight different oversight teams looking over the Wuhan Virus spending. 

“We already have eight different entities doing oversight on the CARES Act.”

It’s clear that the Clyburn committee was created for two purposes.  The first and most important reason is to target President Trump for removal 4.0.  Russia… Obstruction… Ukraine… Coronavirus.   

Second, Clyburn’s committee is set to engage in a disinformation campaign of information releases similar to the recent release from the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI) confirming the legitimacy of the FBI and Mueller probes into Trump-Russia collusion following the blockbuster revelation that the FBI’s abuse of the FISA process was all encompassing.

So what gives?  After all, even the most rabid of Democrats realizes that continuing to cry wolf all the time becomes less effective each successive time.  Consider recent news reports that U.S. Attorney John Durham has expanded his investigative team.

This would indicate he’s ramping up his criminal probe, not winding it down.  

(Washington Examiner) The top federal prosecutor for Connecticut selected additional team members for his investigative effort in recent weeks, adding agents from the FBI as well as the chief of the Violent Crimes and Narcotics Trafficking Section for the U.S. attorney’s office in Washington, Anthony Scarpelli, according to sources cited by CNN…

… The CNN report said Durham requested witness information in March and April.

Scarpelli holds a top secret security clearance, something that would be necessary for the level of intelligence he’ll have to handle with these cases.

To recap, Durham, whose investigation began as a probe into whether surveillance on the Trump campaign team was properly predicated, has morphed into a criminal probe, witnesses are being interviewed, and his investigative team is expanding.

If I were a Democrat with any involvement or knowledge of what went down with the Obama White House, the CIA, the DOJ, the FBI, or the State Department, I’d be very worried.

If I were a Democrat who just happened to tune into Laura Ingraham two weeks ago when Attorney General William Barr had this exchange with the Fox News anchor, I’d be very worried.

Ingraham: What can you tell us about the state of John Durham’s investigation? People have been waiting for the, the final report, on what happened with this, what can you tell us?

Barr: “Well I think a report y’know, may be, and probably will be, a by-product of his activity; but his primary focus isn’t to prepare a report, he is looking to bring to justice people who were engaged in abuses if he can show that there were criminal violations; and that’s what the focus is on. And, uh, as you know, being a lawyer yourself, building these cases, especially the sprawling case we have between us that went on for two or three years here, uh…, it takes some time, it takes some time to build the case.”

“So he’s diligently pursuing it, uh.. My own view is that, uh, the evidence shows that we’re not dealing with just mistakes or sloppiness, there was something far more troubling here; and we’re going to get to the bottom of it. And if people broke the law, and we can establish that with the evidence, they will be prosecuted.”

Ingraham: “The president is very frustrated, I think you, you obviously know that; about Andrew McCabe, uh, he believes that people like McCabe and others just were able to basically flout the laws, and so far with impunity.”

Barr: “I think the president has every right to be frustrated, because I think what happened to him was one of the greatest travesties in American history.  Without any basis uh, they, uh, they started this investigation of his campaign; and even more concerning actually, is what happened after the campaign; a whole pattern of events while he was President. uh, So I, to sabotage the presidency; and I think that, uh, or at least had the effect of sabotaging the presidency.”

AG Barr said this two weeks ago …building these cases, especially the sprawling case we have between us that went on for two or three years here, uh…, it takes some time, it takes some time to build the case.”  

And now that Durham is actively expanding his resources, what are guilty Democrats and some RINO’s, thinking… Or… fearing?  

According to investigative reporter John Solomon what they have to fear is… the truth about what transpired becoming public…

(JustTheNews) In late September 2018 with a mid-year election approaching, the often bitterly divided House Intelligence Committee forged a rare bipartisan moment: Its Republican and Democratic members voted to make public the transcripts of 53 witnesses in the Russia collusion investigation.

But what was hailed as an act of transparency has not been fulfilled 19 months later, even though U.S intelligence has declassified and cleared the transcripts for release.

The answer why lies in the backroom dealings of Adam Schiff, the committee’s top Democrat and its current chairman, according to interviews and memos obtained by Just the News.

Shortly after Schiff took over from Republican Rep. Devin Nunes as chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) in 2019, he sent a letter to the office of then-Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats.

The letter obtained by Just the News specifically ordered that the witness transcripts — some of which contained exculpatory evidence for President Trump’s team — not be shared with Trump or White House lawyers even if the declassification process required such sharing.

“Under no circumstances shall ODNI, or any other element of the Intelligence Community (IC), share any HPSCI transcripts with the White House, President Trump or any persons associated with the White House or the President,” Schiff wrote in a March 26, 2019 letter to then-Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats.

“Such transcripts remain the sole property of HPSCI, and were transmitted to ODNI for the limited purpose of enabling a classification review by IC elements and the Department of Justice,” Schiff added.

Schiff was recently told to pound sand by Richard Grenell, President Trump’s newly appointed Acting Director of National Intelligence further compounding the fears of the guilty.

For whatever reason the mainstream media has abdicated in reporting the truth, it appears they will be reporting Clyburn’s Remove Trump 4.0 at the same time the first series of indictments are being made public.

This can’t end well for them, either…