Dems Shutdown Government: Cutoff Military Pay to Extort DACA Amnesty

Elder Patriot – Rush Limbaugh dedicated a good portion of his show yesterday explaining the Dems decision to shutdown the federal government and just what it means for Americans:

“Folks, …the government doesn’t really shut down. Not the way the word implies. It does not close. Entitlement checks or deposits continue. There’s not a welfare recipient out there that will not get his welfare. There’s not a food stamp recipient that will not get his debit card. There’s not a Social Security recipient who will not get their check. There’s not one interruption to any entitlement payment to anybody. They do not lock the government, and it does not cease operations.

“The president gets up and goes to work and the House and Senate will get up and go to work. It’s a political construct created by the Democrats, aided and abetted and amplified by the media, to try to demonstrate Republicans hate government and hate all that government does for people. And only government does things for people in the Democrat world. And so when government shuts down, people are hurt. When government shuts down, people are in pain. When government shuts down, people are locked out of resources and benefits.

“And that is the lying, stinking political message that the Democrats and the media promulgate.”

Except, the pay of military members ceases.  And Rush had something to say about the Democrats’ conundrum when it comes to how Trump can fashion this message:

“So basically what you have here, led by President Trump, is an anti-shutdown message, blaming the Democrats for it. And the message is Democrats are putting 800,000 illegal immigrants ahead of active duty military members. That’s what this is about.”


“In fact, they might even want to run an ad. Shouldn’t be hard to put together. “This is the Democrat Party. They are the anti-prosperity party. They are the anti-security party. They are the pro-illegal immigration party. They are threatening to hold national security hostage, potentially costing the economy billions of dollars, forcing hundreds of thousands of federal government employees to go without pay –” although they will be paid “– in exchange for securing legal protections for 800,000 illegal immigrants.”

Obama’s creation of DACA was arguably unconstitutional so you would think Trump’s magnanimous offer to grant them – and them alone – amnesty in exchange for the border security Trump was elected to deliver would’ve been received with gracious thanks.  That is what compromise is all about, no? Not so.

Rush explained why the Dems chose to shutdown the government instead:

“The political debate over the fate of ‘DREAMers’ — undocumented immigrants brought to the U.S. as children — has overlooked just how many there are in the country today: about 3.6 million.

“So how does this number of 800,000 get tossed out? Because 800,000 is how many Obama let in. So 800,000 is the number. It’s 3.6 million. And chain migration is expected to add eight million potential foreign born voters to the American electorate over the next 20 years. And, bingo, here you have what this is all about.

“Chain migration. The DREAMers getting to bring mom and dad. The DREAMers getting to make a phone call, bring in brother and sister. The DREAMers getting to bring in grandma and grandpa and Uncle Jose and Aunt Inez. Come on in! Eight million potential foreign born.”

“The Democrats need their permanent underclass. Not the same people, but they need a certain number of illiterate, uneducated, can’t speak English, poor people to whom an entry-level job picking crops is the best day of their lives. And the Democrat Party is preparing to shut down the government over to make sure those people continue to get into the country free of charge.

“The Democrat Party is willing it shut down the government, not over your kids and their future. The Democrat Party doesn’t care right now about your kids and their future. The Democrat Party is willing to shut down this government in the name of 800,000 DREAMer-DACA kids and however many more that would mean when you add the chain to it.”

The fact is the Schumer Shutdown was completely unnecessary and only made possible because Schumer had enough votes to block the continuing resolution to fund the government for another month.  That’s all this was – a temporary spending resolution to fund existing programs.  Negotiations on new spending should not have been a part of Schumer’s calculus.

Schumer’s strong-arm tactics ignored the fact that DACA doesn’t expire until March and then only because Trump handed the DACA negotiations back to Congress where it should’ve been in the first place had Obama followed the Constitution.

There was no need to shut the government down.  These kinds of tactics worked in the past when Republicans shrunk from the ensuing media disinformation campaign that was guaranteed to follow.  That’s no longer possible with Trump in charge.

Still, the Democrats have so little political ammunition left at their disposal this is the best they can muster.

This is what winning looks like.