Dems Poured Massive Amounts of Money Into NC House Races Only to Watch Trump Ride Into Town On the Last Day and Turn the Tide

Elder Patriot –  The best laid plans of Democrats and their media accomplices, aided by a ton of money, couldn’t stop the Trump train from running roughshod over the special elections in North Carolina, last night.  

The plan has become transparently obvious by now.  Outspend the Republican candidate by a wide margin – literally a multiple of the amount the Republican spends – and hope all that media carries the Democrat candidate across the finish line.

From there the Democrat propaganda media is expected to build the narrative that the election was a referendum on President Trump and the Republican loss is indicative of diminished support for the president.

In an epic failure of dollars spent, Dems lost two races, one where the candidate had a huge name-ID advantage, ran against the national Democratic agenda, and outspent his GOP opponent by a 3-1 margin, according to RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel.

On Monday night Trump swooped into North Carolina for a rally, and whammo, Dan Bishop surged to victory over his well-heeled and well-known Dem opponent.

And, in the other race…

With the propaganda media “Trump is increasingly unpopular” narrative once again neutered, President Trump addressed the fake polls that show him trailing some of the worst and most radical candidates to ever run for president:

And then, the big tweak: