Dems’ Policy of Personal Destruction Exposed By Philippe Reines

Elder Patriot – From the time Hillary Clinton became First Lady, Democrats have devolved into the party of hate-filled, unsubstantiated attacks on her opponents that placed winning at all costs above any sense of decency.  And when there were no facts to support Team Hillary’s character destroying attacks. well then, the truth be damned.

This discouraged anyone from challenging the Clintons.  And young Philippe Reines took notice.  In 2000 he was hired on to work with Al Gore’s presidential campaign.  Two years later Reines was hired on by Hillary Clinton to serve as her press secretary. 

Reines has pretty much been defending her ever since having risen to Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Strategic Communications.  It was while Reines was in that position that Reines called one reporter’s questions “asinine” and told another to “f*ck off.”  Admittedly, defending someone as evil and as involved in criminal activity as Hillary Clinton was, and remains, a difficult task but there was no excuse for Reines’ tactics.

The same media that attack Sarah Sanders in the most despicable and personal manner continue to cower from Reines.

But, it wasn’t until yesterday that this snarly scumbag fully unmasked and showed why he has been a favorite of Hillary Clinton.  Reines resorted to Twitter to launch an acrid and indefensible attack against the president’s son for a reason only he could possibly explain.

Since Reines is a hit-and-run coward, I’ll explain in his stead.

Twitter is often used in rancorous ways but it’s virtually always based on some accuracy over a politically divisive issue – or at least we’ve been led to believe that has always been the case.

Not so here.  Reines was simply trying to embarrass Don Jr. and to enrage President Trump.

The venomous tweet by Reines, one of Clinton’s closest advisors, raises the question how many other personal attacks were made up out of whole cloth and spread as the gospel by the cowering “journalists” that comprised Hillary’s compliant mainstream media.

Reines’ tweet reveals the desperation Hillary is feeling as the investigations into her wrongdoing are filling volumes – the Inspector General has had to delay the release of his findings because he keeps uncovering more evidence against her (and, Reines?) – and is about to implicate the entire criminal enterprise that took her literally 26 years to build.