Dems Plan New Obstruction Tactic: Use Obscure Law to Demand Trump’s Tax Returns

Elder Patriot –  What could make the campaign manager for Barack Obama say such a thing?  America has been playing badminton with its political ideology since the Republic first came into existence.

Why hate on Trump so much when he’s just the newest manifestation on the political pendulum?

Could it be that Obama, and his chosen successor, Hillary Clinton had a sixteen-year plan first to fleece and then to destroy capitalism in the United States and the election of Donald Trump, with his promise to drain the swamp, threatens the freedom of the entire cabal of treasonous collaborators?

In just the last week we’ve watched Senate Democrats shut down the government – at least the part of government that is considered non-essential – and try to pin it on President Trump.

In the same week, these same Democrats found $867B for a farm bill that contained more pork in it than a pig sty but they couldn’t find $5B for a wall to stop the flow of illegal aliens, drugs, terrorists, and human trafficking across our southern border.

Previously, incoming Democrat committee chairs, Maxine Waters (Finance), Jerrold Nadler (Judiciary), and Adam (pencil-neck) Schiff (Intelligence), have promised to mire the government in endless investigations into Donald Trump, his companies, his children, and now his tax returns.

Massachusetts Democratic Congressman Richard Neal, is the incoming chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee.  Neal has publicly stated that he will file formal papers under an obscure 1924 law demanding that Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin turnover President Trump’s returns.

The 1924 federal law — 26 U.S. Code § 6103 — mandates the Treasury secretary “shall furnish” the tax returns of any individual for private review by the chairmen of the House and Senate tax committees.

Here’s the rub, the committee wasn’t able to find even a single case where it had ever been used to obtain anybody’s tax return let alone those of the POTUS.

Neal, speaking for the Democrat Obstruction Party Establishment (DOPEs), contends they intend to monitor potential conflicts of interest in the executive branch.  What they really want to do is make Trump, and the Trump Organization, radioactive to his business partners.

In other words this a one more attempt to drive him from office.

Neal expects a protracted court battle:

“I assume that there would be a court case that would go on for a period of time.”

Congressional sources told NBC News that Neal admitted DemonRats plan to make the returns public.

The NBC article inadvertently reveals the depth of special counsel Robert Mueller’s illegal with-hunt:

“I think it’s virtually certain that Bob Mueller has obtained them,” said Dan Goldman, a former prosecutor and NBC News analyst.

“It’s Prosecution 101 — you get the credit reports and you get the tax returns,” said Chuck Rosenberg, a former federal prosecutor and NBC News legal analyst. “Because both of those documents give you leads to other documents. Those are incredibly rich documents and also incredibly easy to get.”

Prosecutors can get tax returns through a judge’s order, as long as they convince the judge that the returns are relevant to their investigations. They can go back 10 or even 20 years, if the investigation demands it.

Now consider that a predicate to justify the special counsel’s appointment was never presented.  Dan Bongino calls this paragraph one:

When I was a Federal Agent, when you arrest someone you have to do what’s calls an MR, a memorandum report. Paragraph 1 of that MR is always how the case started.


Paragraph 1 though always lays it out, always. Do you know to this day we still have no idea what Paragraph 1 was—why they started to spy on the Trump team?

We had no predicate crime to start the original spying operation, no predicate crime to obtain surveillance warrants, and two years later to predicate crime to seize a man’s private documents.  Yet, according to NBC News they have done exactly that.

People who want their government to solve problems, not to invent them, must demand that the DOPEs in congress give President Trump the money to build the wall.

If the wall is as ineffective as the DOPEs say it will be, they’ll have a legitimate campaign issue to run against Trump with this time.