Dems Imploding After Stepping In Their Own Bullshit

ELDER PATRIOT – Many years ago a political mentor warned me not to believe my own bullshit.  It’s evident that the Democrats have not learned this lesson.  We draw this conclusion because the facts since the election leave little reason to believe otherwise.

The Democrats have based virtually every argument they’ve made since the election on their claim that Donald Trump holds office illegitimately because Hillary Clinton “won the popular vote.”  But, if Hillary really won the popular vote how do we explain the new president’s high approval rating in the face of the Democrats’ and the mainstream media’s blistering and non-stop attacks on him and his initiatives? 

If Democrats are so certain that Clinton won the popular vote and the Russians “hacked our election” why aren’t they welcoming President Trump’s call for an investigation into voter and election fraud, with open arms?

Why are voters in California, where Hillary supposedly carried the state by a 2-1 margin, resisting the Democrats’ calls for secession by an exactly opposite 2-1 margin? 

The fact is there’s a direct correlation between President Trump’s penchant for keeping the promises he made during the campaign and his soaring approval numbers.  That leads us to conclude that if people are happy with Trump’s performance less than two weeks into his term they likely voted for him in November.  Otherwise please explain what else has changed?

This leaves us concluding that the Democrats did engage in voter and election fraud to construct a lie – what else is new? – about the popular vote total to use as political ammunition as they are now doing.

Frankly, if the election were to be held today Trump would eviscerate Hillary Clinton.  The Democrats know this better than anyone that makes their insistence on continuing their fraudulent popular vote argument absolutely irrelevant.

The problem for Democrats is that everything they now say and do is based on a lie of their own creation and that is further marginalizing what’s left of their party in the eyes of a growing majority of Americans.  Perhaps that was the only avenue open to them if they were intent on maintaining their Marxist-Globalist agenda after Donald Trump broke through and opened America’s eyes.

Then again, they could’ve embraced mainstream American values and restored what the American voter really craves – a political system of government where multiple parties compete to improve the situation of its citizens.

We may yet find ourselves thanking the current crop of Democrats for committing suicide if a new party emerges from the ashes of the current one and it challenges the Republicans on issues of importance to America’s hardworking taxpayers and minorities so that America may once again become a flourishing, prosperous melting pot rather than a society divided over a shrinking financial resources.