“Democrats Wonder and Worry: Why Isn’t Clinton Far Ahead of Trump?”

ELDER PATRIOT – The Washington Post headline reveals much about the Democrats’ realization that their candidate’s support is about to fall off of a cliff.

One of my earliest political mentors advised me that politicians are in trouble when they start believing their own horsesh*t.  This is the situation Democrats’ now find themselves in because of the hubris they exhibited in nominating a horribly flawed candidate who is involved in enough scandals to take down a dozen candidates.

They ignored the fact that Mrs. Clinton couldn’t close the deal in 2008 against a totally unaccomplished first term junior senator.  That was prior to her disastrous run as the architect of America’s completely failed policies while she was Secretary of State.  And, it was before her and her husband’s grossly arrogant pay to play scheme that netted them hundreds upon hundreds of millions of dollars by selling American assets.

The Democrats and their global puppet masters haughtily believed the electoral map so favored them that they could run a cardboard cutout of George Wallace and still win the White House.  They might’ve been correct in that assessment but Mrs. Clinton’s candidacy has become a bigger affront to Americans than George Wallace ever was.

Hillary’s candidacy is weighted down by the fact that she is running a campaign based on the traditional left-right paradigm.  This might’ve worked against any of the sixteen wannabes Trump ran roughshod over in the Republican primaries but Trump’s campaign has been being fought using a new paradigm that pits national interests versus global interests, something Mrs. Clinton is wholly unable to defend herself against.

Mrs. Clinton is nothing if not the face of the globalist movement inside the United States.  Her call for vastly increased immigration, blanket amnesty, and her support for global trade deals that favor her mega rich donors have left her without an answer for Donald Trump’s “America First policies.

Except for her most ardent supports, voters understand that her policies, if implemented, would effectively end our two-party system.  Because of Trump’s bold realignment of the issues, Americans are now coming to understand the perils of electing Hillary Clinton. 

The vast majority of Americans understand the benefits of preserving the competition for ideas that emerge from competing political parties as well as the right to choose the leaders who project those new ideas. 

Trump’s bold policy realignments have resonated with enough voters that he has already caught Mrs. Clinton in the polls.  The longer both campaigns continue, increasing numbers of people will realize that Trump’s view for America and the world best serves them and their families while Mrs. Clinton has found herself boxed in a corner of her own making and with no choice but to defend the long-failed policies that were the product of the soon-to-be extinct left-right paradigm.

Mrs. Clinton would never publicly admit this is happening but she is privy to all of the analytics as are all of the Democrat kingpins and they can read the writing on the wall as well as anybody can. 

The realization that the election is slipping away has been accompanied by a growing sense of panic.  This explains Mrs. Clinton’s unforgivable eruption last night in front of a group of high value donors where she labeled half of Trump’s supports a “basket of deplorables.”

Mrs. Clinton only saving grace may be that she didn’t say which half she was referring to.

This may well be remembered as the inflection point in this election.  No candidate has ever been able to survive denigrating such a large swath of people for being “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic” simply because they believe in Trump’s “America First” policies that are intended to protect their family’s safety and economic interests.

When Obama gets desperate he limits his accusations to his opponents’ racist leanings, only.  By using such a broad brush Mrs. Clinton shows how extremely desperate she believes thing have become.

But, don’t we elect our president to represent our personal interests?  Isn’t that what single-issue Democratic voters have been doing for decades?  Don’t we vote for the candidate whom we feel will best keep our families safe and who offer us the best chance to enjoy a degree of prosperity? 

Trump has stripped the veil from Hillary’s devotion to her donor base of elite billionaires, international mega corporations, the global banking community, and foreign governments.  While they have grown wealthy beyond any levels previously imaginable, those she has purported to defend – Blacks, young people, the elderly, and once vast middle class – have seen their conditions worsen by every measure.

Where once the Republican Party had earned the reputation as the party of corporation and rich people, Hillary has raked in at least $350 million from those entities and dwarfing Trump’s total of $40 million from high-level donors. 

These people and entities donate massive amounts not for political ideology but to buy favors.  And, it’s well known from her days as Secretary of State that Hillary’s first action if she wins the White House will be to put out the “Open for Business” sign.

The only play for Hillary is to play out the clock, but with almost two months left in this campaign she’s playing a losing hand.  The rest of the Democrats have been left wondering why they ever hitched their wagons to this old nag.