Democrats Screed: “Republicans Want You to Die!” The Thing Is…

ELDER PATRIOT – You always know when Democrats are lying about their own intentions because they begin accusing Republicans of whatever it is that they are hiding.

Well, now Democrats are accusing Republicans of wanting you to die because the House passed a bill designed with some limited free market principles aimed at putting downward pressure on the cost curve of health insurance.

The facts say that if anyone wants to kill you it has got to be the Democrats who seized control of both Houses of Congress and the presidency when American voters threw a hissy fit back in 2008. 

Within 18 months they had turned health insurance, not healthcare, into a “right” and created another bureaucracy – with all the attendant financial waste – along the lines of every other bloated and failing social welfare program. 

Predictably, at least for capitalists, the cost of insurance soared as industry options disappeared.  The result was not only more expensive premiums (at least doubled from 2008) but also a contraction in coverage and with higher co-pays and unreachable deductibles.

Things got so expensive that government subsidies to those who couldn’t afford the mandatory coverage caused a $1.25 trillion annual deficit.  It got so bad that the Obama administration literally stole money from other sectors of the government to hide the truth behind the financial train wreck of his signature legislation.

The end result is that for the first time in more than two decades, life expectancy for Americans declined in 2015.

To recap, before Obama Americans were richer, the country wasn’t nearly as debt-ridden, and we had longer life expectancies.

The only conclusion that is supported by the facts is Democrats not only want to kill you, they want to take all of your money from you first.