Democrats in Panic asThird Poll Confirms 33+% Black and Minority Support For Trump

Earlier this month a Rasmussen poll showed President Trump registering a whopping 34% support among likely black voters.  Any level of black support in double digits likely spells doom for whoever Democrats nominate for president.

Woke black voters would automatically fracture the fragile Democrat coalition.  So of course, the media dismissed the Rasmussen poll.

Until the next poll from Emerson University confirmed the earlier poll.  That poll was virtually spot on finding that blacks support of President Trump at 34.5%.  This is not a narrative the media has any interest in promoting.

After three years of trying to label Donald Trump a racist and a bigot, it appears that the Marxist media has failed.  

One media watchdog reported that within one twenty-four hour period in the past week, CNN used the word racist more than twice every minute.  The result, the most recent NPR/PBS/Marist poll confirms the results of both earlier polls.

Thirty-three percent of non-white voters aligned with President Trump in this poll.

President Trump won election in 2016 with barely 8% support from the black community.  Anything above ten percent Republican support renders Democrats virtually unelectable in national elections.